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The star shone brightest that clear December night. The light beam of the star went through the tiny child's bedroom window. They're the child lay sleeping, dreaming of Christmas thoughts.

The Angel knelt beside the slumbering child's side. Soft whispers the Angel sang, of comfort and peace, into the child's night. The Angel's white wings spread over the little ones tomorrow. To protect the one's wishes of hope and delight. Then the Angel said, "I am with you".

The child woke Christmas day. The colored lights dazzled in the innocent eyes of the small one. The day was wrapped in pure joy. The child shone brightly though it's eyes, dancing about in delight.

The Angel stood over the youth on into the night. The Angel glistened and the sound of it sang of love. The love gave the white lights glow to all. The youth dreamed on, of young true love, all through the Christmas night.

The Angel spoke gently, ever so lightly, "I am here, Awake". Mistletoe and holly filled the young adults life all the Christmas day. The gifts were for each other, and the light was held in each other’s eyes, dancing about all the day.

The Angel in the heavens was gloriously gleaming. The entire chorus rouse in one voice, for the gift that was given that Christmas night. The Angel cradled the heavenly light in its glimmering wings. Through the window lead the Angel to the young parents lives. One breath the Angel gave to the young infant's life. In the family's dream the Angel said, "I will always be with you.”

Joy was for all that Christmas day. For the first born to be remembered. All the day the young parents knew the light was in their hands and in their tiny new heart. The child danced about with light in its eyes, and it's light danced about for them.

The star was brightest of all the stars in the heavens. That last Christmas night the old one dreamt of many stars, many hearts, and many gifts. The Angel touched the gentle ones brow, and with the softest song said, "All is well, I am home.

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