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Sweet angel, sit beside me. Sweet angel, walk with me. I would tell you dreams and lead your hand along my path. Would I give the light I hold in my heart. To set you free upon the world that you might see. The many gifts that life so often hides in our souls. Sweet angel of my heart you are so dear to me. I will be near if you call.

Little angel, sing to me. Little angel, dance with me. I would speak softly in your eyes, and wash away your tears of sadness. Would I have it to give my hand would be your guide. Loving you all the while even though the darkest night. I would be there for you. If only in my spirit I can carry your thoughts. Little angel, don't stand in the shadow. I will hold out a gentle kiss to light your way.

Lovely angel, on wings you soar high. Lovely angel, go and sprinkle stardust as you fly. There is no hope to hold so dear than that of my angel and the love I hold dear. Do not be afraid of falling, the stardust you have in your heart will always warm my soul. We would fly together if only I had wings. If I could soar I'd roar the clouds to thunder and the world to shudder. Here comes my Angel. Hark to all. My Angel has wings to fly, and stardust in her heart.

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