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Angelz Light

She led her life with gentle hands. Soft and warm, soothing to the touch. The silver in her hair sparkled with every day's laughter. In the reflection of her eyes you were always it's center. When she spoke the smile on her lips light up our hearts and our lives.

Those who would remember her heart, carry her gracious spirit with them every day. As this was the gift she gave. We would be the caretakers of her thoughts. In our hearts we would set the pages of her story onto our waking day.

As we touch the little ones, we care for her. When we laugh at the joyous comedy of life we will remember. My eyes will seem different, but with heart we will see ourselves. When I speak I will seek her wisdom.

The sky is much brighter today. The air is more sweetly scented. In the green of the leaves we are reminded that life is full... of everything. She is there in the air, and her wings are bright and gathered about us with love. The sparkle of her hair has been sent to brighten the stars. Her laughter lingers there in the song of the breeze in the trees.

In my eyes I see the children playing, and remember all the days. In the night I will dream and we will play again. When morning comes again she will fill my life, my heart, and lighten my soul. I would give her wings that her spirit is at peace. Into her loving wings I would commend her to the heavens. God rest and keep.

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