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Angelz Heart

Iím looking for a heart of gold. Whose angelís wings light the world to itís waking day. The breath of hope sings in my soul. Joy wakes my day with the smile of an angelís song. That dazzles my light and gives me wings to soar. My boundaries are endless, as my mind is ageless.

Spirits of old do not fear the light of day. Who sings the Childs wows away? Iíll wake you and keep you to my heart. That you might soar with angels wings on the break of the day. I set your song free for the wings of the wind. Glide ever high to the heavens.

You are not bound here to our world any longer. I feel time has given us a place where all hearts can rest. Onto his gentle spirit I hold still my memories, of you and the love I have. Your tiny fingers wrap around my hand and I still feel itís touch. Gentle spirit is on your way, the heavens call, you to home.

I will not bind you to this Earth. But leave me still into the break of day. Your song would fill my day. If you have a hand to lead you, than drift by my side on an angels wing. Let me dream of you and run by your side. If you leave send me an angels feather that I can hold youíre thoughts to my heart. You have sent me golden wings that I may see you at the break of day Oh my dear love, your golden radiance sings to all.

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