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All while she slept, the same dream danced about though the night. When she woke, all that was left behind was the smallest trace of glittering light in the deep pools of her eyes. The only memories were filled with the greatest joy and peace. What was the last thought, as she lay still snug in the sheets? But a word was said, she must remember. She left the words to her dreams and quickly woke to face the day. Another day just like the rest.

Outside was cold as winter wind. As she stepped out onto the daylight all was forgotten of the dream that night. She briskly paced herself for the tasks of the day. The lights in the windows along the way were lit one by one. This was shopping day. A day to face the crowd, fight the fend, and conquer the traffic. The malls were in full bloom of festive mirth. Red and Green lights were strung about every which way.

As she walked along the sound of bells were ringing faintly in the distance. Looking into the windows of pure delight, she could all but wonder, at the spectacle. The sound of music filled the air as if some magical minstrel. She walked as if in a waking slumber, indifferent to the crowd around her. All the mothers with their daughters, all the fathers with their sons, and grandparents with the little ones. She could only feel alone. She had no family, no one to shop for, not one for the Christmas tree that stood empty in her house.

Still this was Christmas and she felt the dream all around her. The only thought on her mind was the dream and the need to give. All about her was joy and the light glowed through her. She stood still facing the image in the window. The dream lulled her transfixed on her memory. She cried and laughed and she remembered the glittering light of her dream. It was there in the window. She saw the image of herself, and the soul that carried it. In the center of the window was the gift that woke her to her dream.

Compelled she purchased the gift in a Christmas colored wrapping with a big silver and gold bow. Quickly she rushed home with great anticipation, was there ever such a dream. Looking at her lit tree she gently placed the gift under the tree that shone about her. Christmas night was upon her. She longed for the slumber of the glittering light.

That night the Angel came to her dreams and danced about in delight all through the night. She woke with joy that Christmas morning. Racing to the tree and the single box with the silver and gold bow. There it was wrapping all strewn about under the tree. The light from the tree was radiant. On the top of the tree was the crystal Angel that was the gift. The girl danced and danced, and giggled with joy. She danced with the Angel all through the day and never was alone. The gift was for the Angel and the light she joyfully gave.

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