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         Instant credit card transaction software  

    All of ANA Bots programs were created by in Microsoft Visual Basic by Aaron Keller, Nick Gross, and Andy Glover. To contact us for any of your programming needs please refer to the e-mail below to contact the webmaster at his personal address, or send a e-mail to our company address.  We also make custom ordered programs for small business or for personal use.

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Name : Quote Bot  version 1.00a

                Size: 147 k              

                Description: Quote Bot is a small program that contains nearly 400 different quotes                   from famous authors, poets, and movie stars.  You can get a random quote with a                   simple click, or cycle through to find your favorite.  Quotes can come in handy at the                   most unexpected times such as at meetings, work, or even just for fun.      

                Sample Quote:  "The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the                   source of all true art and science."  -- Albert Einstein

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