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Untitled 2

I've had my heart broken,
and now lifes going down hill,
I know I can reach the path not yet taken,
but instead I stare and stand still,

Is my love a worthless token,
to be destoryed at will,
I'm so sure you've been mistaken,
and yet your heart was out to kill,

Can my world be reached,
by someone standing outside,
my walls will never be breached,
as long as you have my pride,

look into my eyes,
do you see my soul,
don't you see it lies,
in lonely dark holes,

It hasn't been long,
since you left my heart,
angels just don't sing songs,
and my heart just won't start,

Now I lurk here forever,
in a desolate place,
for love will come to me never,
and I'm foreshadowed by your face.

Written By: Perla Mateo and Amy McMahon