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Love Poetry and Much More

Welcome to my love poetry page. I have included poetry on other topics as well as on love. Not all of these poems were written by me, some are from extrodinary and famous poets. So please click around and enjoy your stay.

"Life is only worth living, once you've found something worth dying for"

Please read aboutMy New Philosophyon love before reading the poetry

Love Poetry

Love Gone Wrong

Without Your Love


Loves Philosophy

Dreams Of Love

How Do I Love Thee

Send Back My Heart

Since Your Gone


Arise My Love

Take Those Lips Away

Loves Cry

Untitled 2

Poetry On Different Topics


Dream About It



Still Standing


Too Much Concentration


Dedicated Poetry

If you have any poetry that you would like to dedicate to someone and would like to put it on the site, just e-mail me the poem, your name, and a picture. Or if you would like for me to write a poem for that special someone e-mail me why you love that person and i'll try to write a great poem for you.

Are You Still My Angel

I Am Yours



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