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Still Standing

When rain falls and tears drop,
Down to the bottom and around to the top,
There's too much liquid flowing to stop,
And yet I'm still standing,

When the sadness turns to despair,
When life becomes too tough to bear,
It seem the people around me just don't care,
And yet I'm still standing,

Seeing kids point and stare,
Knowing that they'll never care,
I turn around to find no one there,
But yet I'm still standing,

See me in the corner where no one appears,
I am drowning in all my fears,
Trying to feel no despair when no ones there,
I don't see how life is considered "fair"
Yet still I stand,

Standing, Standing proud and strong,
Standing amidst the right and wrong,
I'll stand back up when life knocks me down,
And, Yes, I will be standing!