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My New Philosophy

This part of my website is not intended to
persuade anyone to think as I. I would just like
to state my new philosophy on love. The poetry on
this page was written by me, and I'm still in the
process of writing more. But as the days go by and
I come to gripes with my emotions I come to the
conclusion that I, a love poet, do not know what
love truly is. I know not what love is, I know
what I want love to be. I thought I was in love once
and all that came out of it was a broken heart.
But I now know why I ended with the broken heart.
It was because I sought that love out, I wanted it
so badly I chased it down (which was not a smart thing to do).
Love is tricky and it is, to some extent, misery.
Yet I do believe it exists, it's out there somewhere.
Not knowing where it is, is the irony. For I would like
to state to all of you hopeless romantics, as I, that
love is not something that wants to be sought out.
It comes when you least expect it. If you look, search, and struggle
to get it all you end up doing is hurting yourself.

All of you that have gotten hurt, and feel
pain because of the misfortunes with love- just
remember life goes on. Don't be afraid of love
just because of something that occured in the past.
For there is an eternity of love waiting for you in the future.
Don't seek it out, let it come to you.