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Love Gone Wrong

Why do you turn away?
Why don't you smile my way?
Why do the shadows follow you around?
Why can't I pick up my heart off the ground?
If only you knew how much I loved you
Sweetness on the breezes that blew,

So tell me why,
Why did the tears that I need to cry,
When angels rain down curses instead of learning
to fly,

Tell me why do you torture me like this,
When pain in my heart is all that you leave,
Don't you see what you mean to me?
The circles over sideways,
The flowers next to highways,
Can't compare to the light that I felt in you,
Did you feel it to?

When bird sings and hope flies,
I will always keep you in my mind,
When the baby screams and dreams cry,
My ambition is unkind,
When the flower blooms and moon gleams,
My love will always be foreseen,

Dreamers sweet and lovers true,
Fields of wheat and skies of blue,
Our souls have been one since the world started,
ripped apart now I'm broken-hearted,

Hear my cries, Touch my face,
I just want to be embraced,
Ignore the tears of things unspoken,
And pretend my heart is broken.

By: Amy McMahon and Perla Mateo