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Rejection: What a horrible word,
Rejection: The worst thing I've ever heard,
I try to prevent that which I am scared of,
Depriving myself of my one true love,

Love: What a terrible mystery,
Love: The worst thing in my history,
I loved him and he did not,
Now I'm the only thing I've got,

Loneliness: The only word that describes me,
Loneliness: The only plane as far as I can see,
I've waited too long for my dreams to come,
Now I'm alone and I'll never have some,

Dreams: They've gone away for good,
Dreams: I have none, I should,
My ambitions are the only life that I possess,
But now I don't even have a thought's caress,

Life: Just a lonely road,
Life: It's all just a heavy load,
I blind myself so I won't see,
How hard it is to be free.