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I Am Yours

I've known you but for awhile,
And yet you've touched my heart,
I hope I never lose your smile,
And hope we never part,

You mean alot to me,
I hope I mean alot to you,
Your blue eyes are a wonderful sight to see,
And your hair is the warmest color in the hue,

I dream of you some nights,
Of hearing your sexy voice,
I'm so happy I could soar to new heights,
I could fly to the heavens and rejoice,

I'm glad I found you my Teddy Bear,
For when I'm with you I see sunshine and never rain,
You are the tears in my eyes,
And the happy and glorious pain,

With you I find peace of mind,
I find the stars in the sky,
I see darkness far behind,
And I acknowledge the angels which fly high,

I don't know how else to show you how I feel for you,
I can only write my love down,
All I know is that I want to be with you,
And you make my world spin right side up and upside down,

The furture is waiting for us,
For we are walking down a road of endless happiness,
We are two people meant for each other,
Down heavens search for happy bliss,

I will go where ever you take me,
I will follow your footsteps,
I will be your shadow,
And I will always love you,

Be still and know,
I am yours.

Written By: Perla Mateo
Dedicated to a special person by Lisa Freeland