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This Poem is for the Edgewood Winter Guard,
We've been through a lot,
And now we're finally at the top.

For The Guard

Standing There among your friends,
Knowing that it'll end,
Just one more time to wear the hat,
Just one more time to look like that,

All the hard practices when tears rolled down you cheek,
All the tough times when you couldn't even speak,
They took your time and took your will,
But what they gave you back is skill,

Sometimes it hurts beyond comprehension,
They yell to make you pay attention,
Sometimes the rage builds up inside,
But they only want to see you tried,

The bruises build upon your skin,
But it's only because you want to win,
But if you do, what comes next?
Do you really need the rest?

Only one more time to hear the song,
Only one more time to dance that long,
Your heart beats faster as the crowd stands,
Your thoughts all combine with the clapping of their hands,

You try so hard to have some grace,
While trying to prevent getting hit in the face,
You smile amid atrocious pain,
But it gives you the points that you gain,

The enemies are after you from all sides,
It's their own fault you've hurt their prides,
You don't respect their jealous tears,
Patiently ignoring their stubborn jeers,

You've worked a lot for those 5 minutes,
So you try to put all you've got in it,
"the hot sun is shining on you, so act that way," they say,
"Don't let them take away what you've worked for during these days,"

When you're performing you see that time slows,
20 seconds of the audience is nothing of yours,
Breathing is hard, thinking is difficult,
To survive you need mind, heart and to be physical,

After the show you feel an incredible sensation,
But some have terrible explanations,
Of what went wrong or what went right,
But you all knew you won that fight,

You march when they call your name,
This changes you forever; never the same,
You wait there standing; eternal is time,
Memories flood you brain, remembering your song's rhyme,

You stand there proudly waiting for the score,
Your back is straight regal but sore,
The day is tense with wanting the prize,
You're the Cinderella of the game; they'll never realize,

The potential you have; utterly strong,
The wait you have endured; entirely long,
The salute is synchronized, for all to see,
And the winner of the trophy, who can it be?

We showed them our guts and glory,
Someone should care to hear our story,
How we won the entire state,
But for the seniors, it is too late,

Your medal is your confirmation,
Now your only object of conversation,
We'll miss you guys more than you'll ever know,
Oh, What I would give for one more show!