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In the nightmare-ridden blackened night,
The yellow eyes glow, bringing fright,
The stars are gone; there is no light,
The darkness brings wrong; there is no right,

Around the shadows on every street,
Over the people and under their feet,
The fear will come every ghostly-night,
It'll haunt you until you lose your might,

The pale moon hides it's chalky face,
The goodness here has no place,
The blackness slinks into corners; shadows kill,
Fix the broken lantern or no one else will,

The fear could grab your soul so tight,
That you will probably lose the fight,
If you are true to your heart you will win,
but you don't believe then just give in,

Evil is bursting at the seams,
Broken promises, broken dreams,
The leash breaks, the terror screams,
That is what fear means,

The fear is an imaginary taunting-thing,
Which could be brought on if your in pain or just sane,
And you can't run and you can't hide,
Because the fear will always be inside.