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There are so many what ifs, whys and if onlys,
These are the cries of the sad and lonely,
My heart is crushed under the chariot wheel,
That is the only way I'll ever feel,

There are so many questions I have to ask,
So many mysteries I'd like to unmask,
The sadness and loneliness are getting unbearable,
To a point where it will be too terrible,

For everything there is a time,
If only this moment was mine,
For my heart is too afraid to endeavor,
I'm afraid I'll be this way forever,

I wish I could be held by him so tight,
So my soul could be taken to new heights,
But he's not here for me anymore,
So my soul will just have to be alone, forever more,

Look into my eyes so dark,
Don't you see I've lost my spark,
Lonely days and lonely nights,
Why won't you give up your foolish rights,

I will survive throughout this mess,
But if you change your mind, unless....
It's not ok but it's alright,
Because I know I'll make it through this night.

By: Amy McMahon and Perla Mateo