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title.jpg (7915 bytes)Welcome to Swing Central!  Sydney's Original Swing Information Website!

Hats & Cats of Sydney!  2001 promises to
be a huge year in swing!  There are more bands, venues and swing schools than ever!

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Top German Boogie Woogie Instructors come to Sydney!
Marcus & Barbl come back to Sydney for a two day Boogie Woogie workshop!  Check for dates on the Events Page

You thought it couldn't get any bigger....
than 1999's Big Swing in Melbourne....
You'd be wrong! It's back! Big Swing II
Check out this website!

Vintage Wear Bonanza!!
Butterick & Vogue Patterns go crazy with Retro Fashion!
Go to Cocktails, Cool & Retro Living for more information

It Don't Mean a Thing .......
While these cats ain't local, this team is sure to knock Melbourne on it's ass!  Vida & Peter take swing teaching to the next level with
"Got That Swing"
We here at Swing Central would like to take this opportunity to wish Vida & Peter all the best in this adventurous pursiut!  - Webmistress

Swing Central, linked from the US's most prominent Vintage Site, Pennsylvania 6500!!
Check this page out, it's in alphabetical order, so search down to "S".

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