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Rules For Use Of
Sassy's Graphics

Here you find the rules for using my graphics.

I get most of my images from cards, coloring books, and things that I have laying around the house. I scan them and edit them into backgrounds. Some that you will see within my pages are created from freeware fonts or from scratch.

#1 Rule : Never ever include anything that you see here within my pages in any graphic collection.

#2 Rule : Never edit, resize, change, or do anything else to my graphics. The one exception is the blank button that I provide with most of my sets, that can be added to of course. **smiles**

#3 Rule : Never ever link directly to any of my images on this site. That is called bandwidth stealing and it is illegal. If you have a question about how to save the graphics and upload them to your webpage, just ask and I will be more than happy to answer your questions. My email is or

#4 Rule : If you do choose to use anything that you see here on my site a link back is required. It can be a text link or you can grab one of my logos that I have created and it has to be placed on the page that is displaying my graphics. Not on a credits page.

Now with that out of the way lets go graphic shopping.

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ęSassy's Graphics

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