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Sassy's PSP 5 Tube Tutorial

Creating picture tubes in PSP 5 is really very simple, the hardest part is cleaning up your image so that ther are no outlines around them. Clean them up just like you would do if you were going to use them in another picture.

When I make my tubes I like to use just one image for the picture tube.
First thing you need to do is open the image that you are wanting to make the tube out of. Then you will want to view the size of the image. You can do this by going to Edit/View Image Information. Write the size down and then go to File/New/ then put in the size of the image that you just viewed, make the background white and click OK.
With the new image ready (the one with the white background that you just created) go to Layers/New, in the popup window just click on OK to accept defaults.
Ok now you click on the image that you are wanting to make the tube out of, making it the active image now. Then click on the magic wand too, click on the background that the image is on, then go to Selections then Invert, then click edit, then copy.
Now you need to make the image that is blank active, once that is active go up to Edit/Paste/Paste as a new selecton and make sure you have it centered.
Now go to the layers pallet and click on the button that says background, then click on the trash can in the bottom left corner, a popup will ask if you are sure you want to delete it, tell it YES. Your image should now be on a checkerboard background.
Now go to File/Export/Picture Tube.
In the popup put 1 in cells across box and 1 in cells down box. For the tube name put in a name for the tube, then click OK. You should now be able to see your tube listed in the tube drop down box.

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