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Sassy's PSP SnowGlobe Tutorial

Tools needed for this tutorial are:
PSP 5 or 6 and Winzip.

The first thing you will want to do is download this snowglobe tube that I have created to go with this tutorial. Download Tube Now

1.) Open a new image with a transparent background 208 x 258.
2.) Click on the tubes tool and choose the snowglobe tube, leave at 100% and click in the very center of the new image. Your numbers at the bottom left should read as follows. 104 (being the center of the width) and 129 (being the center of the height).
3.) Take the magic wand and select the inner white of the globe. It is important to note that we need to keep the marching ants moving around this the entire tutorial.
4.) Go to selections and to modify and expand. Setting to be 1.
5.) Copy and past as a new image.
6.) Take the wand again and select the inner white to keep the ants marching.
7.) Take your Dump Tool and fill that in with the color or filler of your choice. **NOTE: If you are using a cloud or sky background to fill then you will need to do this. Get your Dump Tool, choose pattern, then select the pattern from the list and then dump in that in the white area that your ants are marching around.
8.) Select your Tube Tool and pick a tube that you wish to put in the globe.
9.) Once you have done this and it looks the way you want it to go to edit/copy
10.) Now with the marching ants still moving copy and paste back onto the image of the full snowglobe. Paste as a new selection. Once you get it in place make 3 copies of it. **NOTE : I use shift d to make my copies. Just hold the shift key down while you hit the d key. Do this 3 times. Notice on each copy the ants are still marching.
11.) Choose the tube tool, ants are still marching, choose snowflakes, sparkles, or twinkles and size to about 25%. Click anywhere with the area that the ants are marching around, put your snowflakes or whatever in that image. Once you have your snowflakes or whatever in the area save this image as image1.psp. Repeat this step on the next 2 images only remember to put your snowflakes or whatever in different spots. This is what will be animated.
12.) Once you have all 3 images saved image1.psp , image2.psp, and image3.psp open up animation.
13.) Once psp animation is open click on file/animation wizard. Click only same size as the first image then click next.
14.) Check only transparent, then click next.
15.) Check upper left corner and check with the canvas color, then click next again.
16.) Check yes repeat the animation and fill in how long delay in frames. I set mine at 20, then click next again.
17.) Now click add and add image1.psp, repeat for image2.psp and for image3.psp and click next again.
18.) Now click finish. Now to test your animation go to the little box at the right, third one from the end. Says view animation, click on it, if you like what you see go to file/save as and give your animation a name and then click OK.
I leave mine set at high quality and click next, let it do it's thing and click next and then click finish. 19.) Voila you have made your first snowglobe animation.


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