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The Art of Ijumo L. Hayward

"Art is freedom of expression, joy and relaxation."

Atlanta, GA. based freelance artist, Ijumo L. Hayward, graduated from Wilberforce University in 1999 with a B.A in Fine Arts. Ijumo was born into a family of musically and visually artistic people, so it's not surprising that for him, art is a natural ability. His personal exposure to the arts began the early age of 3 or 4. Since then, he has not put the pencil and paintbrushes down, and has produced many wonderful works. His work is inspired by his family and desire to portray certain sites and sounds the way he sees it.

For Hayward, his favorite work is all of his work. He takes great pride in everything he creates. He says, "If it turns out or starts looking bad, I won't finish it or I'll come back to it later, in hopes of perfecting it." Although he does not have one particular favorite piece of art, there are two which he feels he has placed his soul into completing. Black Love 1( Acrylic) and Lone Tiger (Arylic) - (both are featured on his personal web site). Hayward is gifted to use a variety of art mediums to portray a wide range of effects, but he loves watercolor the most because he has become very familiar with it and it's fast drying.

Hayward has participated in several art exhibits since his high school years and received honorable mention for impressive talent at the Bermuda Art Agricultural Exhibition and the Black Cultural Festival Of Dayton, OH. He has also won first place and Best of Show in all these catagories, Watercolor, Arylic/Oil, and Pencil at the Green County Annual Exhibition, Green County, OH. His works have been displayed in cities throughout the Mid- West and East Coast. His watercolor drawing, Air Time, of renown basketball player Michael Jordan was exhibited in an art show in West Virginia. A few of his other works, Jamaican Man, Come Fly With Me, and Omega Renaissance (color pencil on paper), have been displayed in art exhibitions here in Ohio and were featured in the Rembert E. Stokes Learning Resource Center, during the Black History Month Celebration in Wilberforce, Ohio. Hayward has been blessed to sell many of his works. "Lone Tiger" sold to I.A.M.S Company, and "W.E.B Dubois" (watercolor) sold to Wilberforce University. This painting now hangs high in the Wilberforce University Communications Complex, a newly dedicated building on their prestigious campus.

Ijumo L. Hayward believes anyone can succeed at whatever they work hard to achieve. He says to inspire artist, "success takes determination. Don't take criticism as negative, but use it to better yourself". Hayward feels everyone has their own style, so he encourages people to express art the way you feel it and that is what makes it original. To show a little of his own creative originality, he autographs all of his work as Omuji, which is his name, Ijumo, spelled backwards.

All works viewed on this site are for sale unless noted. The artist is also currently accepting private commissions for artwork, including portraits and erotic art.

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