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Baby C

Some Phat Lynx


Hey everybody what's up it's been awhile since I've updated my page but I'm back Well anyways Wednesday May 31 I was saved. I've been doin alot of wrong things lately and now I'm tryin to change. Alot of my friends probably won't belive that but it's true. I know along the way that I will lose alot of friends, be talked about, and I know it's goin to be hard but I'm goin to prove to everyone how strong I am and that I'm goin to heaven. Nothing is going to stop me I'mma pray till I can't speak and preach till everyone knows but one thing is for certain I'm goin to heaven I may have all the obsticles in the world in front of me but with the Lords help I'mma get though. Well I'mma let you go for now aight. God bless everyone. One.

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Childhood Innocence Gone

Let's buring it back and just reminisce
Think about our childhood innocence
You'd come home from school and change your clothes
Baby you can't wear white, the dirt, it shows
Go to the corner to meet all your friends
You already know that's when the real fun begins
You get all set up to play hide and seek
And the worst thing you could do was count by fives or peek
Midnight footraces in the middle of the street
And you were the one that couldn't be beat

But now everything's changed
Your whole world rearranged
Childhood innocence gone
And niggas don't live all that long

Midnight footraces turned to fleeing the 5-0
But you still think it's all-good though
Smoking and drinkin thinkin you're cool
But you're the one who's really the fool
Laid up wit some nigga legs a quarter past nine
Knowin all he's in it for is the behind
And you still think everything's fine
Crack comin from the corner store
And you wonderin why the police next door
Your girl from way back is fuckin your man
But you just tryin to do the best you can
All you got is your government check
Girl, your life's in such a wreck

Everything's changed
Your whole world rearranged
Childhood innocence gone
And niggas don't live all that long
You're no exeption
Stop all that pleading it's out of the question
You got shot at 11:05
Just some young niggas on a late night ride
Sittin there dyin you pray to Me and say
Why couldn't I have lived some other way?
(In this poem Me stands for God)

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So what did ya'll think about the poem? Some more of my poems is one page 5. I got more that I'mma put up though.