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Candle rituals have been in existence for centuries. You may remember your first candle ritual when you were two or three years old on your birthday. The candles were lit and you were told to close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles. Candle spells work on pretty much the same principle. You light a candle, maybe close your eyes and repeat a spell or that which you wish for while visualizing it coming true. It is a combination of a need or desire and the ability to visualize the outcome.

Candle burning spells are very easy to do and to have success with if they are done correctly and you truely believe. Candle spells can be very easy or very complicated. It all depends on how much time you want to put into a ritual. It can be as simple as lighting a green candle and money come to me. It can also be very long and complicated lasting several days with the repositioning of the candles each day. The choice is always yours.......


Once you have clarified your desires and prepared yourself you are ready to choose your candle.There are many colors, scents, herbs, elements, directions and day associations we use when choosing a candle. There are also many shapes and types of candles to confuse you even more.

There are three things to remember when dealing with candle magick.

Do not use matches! The sulfur in matches is a banishment tool and will lessen the effects of candle magick or even make it completely useless. Use a lighting stick, an incense match or a lighter to light the wick.

Do not blow out the candle! This is considered extremely rude to the fire element. Use a snuffer or wet your fingers and pinch it out. Just do not blow it out!

Please use caution and think safety first when dealing with fire! Do not use sprays around the flames, be sure the candle is on a nonflammable base, keep away from low hanging cloth (such as sleeves) and most of all keep children away. Fire can destroy everything in its path leaving havoc and heartache behind if not used properly.
Please use common sense!

The first thing you want to do is get the appropriate color candle for your desire. The candle you use should be virgin...that is unused. Under no circumstances use a candle which has already adorned a dinner table or been used as a bedroom candle or night light.There is a very good reason for not using anything but virgin materials in Magick. Vibrations picked up by second hand materials may disturb your workings and negate their effectiveness. Once you have your candle you need to "dress" it or annoint it with oil. The best oils to use are natural ones which you can find in occult shops although, olive oil will work just fine. You need to rub the candle with the oil from the middle outward to the ends. As you are doing this you need to be thinking of your desired goal. Then sit and meditate on your desire after lighting the candle. Read your spell or chant your appropriate mantra. You don't need a big elaborate spell. You can make your own spells and rituals. Think of your desires then make a simple little rhyme that tells about your desire.This is all about will power, the power of positive thinking and creative visualization!If you can do these things, you will send those vibrations out into the universe and eventually they will come to be.

When you have completed your ritual, allow your candle to burn completely away. You do not need to stay with the candle after the ritual but make sure that it is safe and the hot wax will not cause damage or fire. Never reuse a candle that has been lit in any magick ritual. It should only be used in that ritual then allowed to burn away or be disposed of afterwards.


Candles in the craft are used to help increase a spells power or to influence a particular power. The color of the candle will directly correlate with the type of magick workings you are attempting to achieve. The first thing you need to do is choose the correct color. The different colors of candles each have their own symbolism. ----------------------------------------------------------------------

WHITE A balance of all colors; spiritual enlightenment, cleansing, clairvoyance, healing, truth seeking; Rituals involving lunar energy; May be substituted for any color candle.

YELLOW Activity, creativity, unity; brings power of concentration and imagination to a ritual; use in rituals where you wish to gain anothers confidence or persuade someone, or in rituals that require solar energy.

GOLD Fosters understanding and attracts the powers of cosmic influences; beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or money, or in rituals needing solar energy.

PINK Promotes romance, friendship; standard color for rituals to draw affection; a color of femimity, honor, service; brings friendly lively conversation to the dinner table.

RED Health, passion, love, fertility, strength, courage, will power; increases magnetism in rituals; draws Aries and Scorpio energy.

SILVER Removes negativity and encourages stability; helps develop psychic abilities; attracts the influence of the Mother Goddess.

PURPLE Power, success, idealism, psychic manifestations; ideal for rituals to secure ambitions, independence, financial rewards, or to make contact with the spiritual other world; increases Neptune energy.

MAGENTA Combination of red and violetthat oscillates on a high frequency; energizes rituals where an immediate action and high levels of power or spiritual healing are required.

ORANGE Attracts others; success, good luck and fortune; discourages laziness and promotes fun; takes physical action toward a desired goal.

BROWN Earthly balanced color; for rituals of material increase; eliminates indecisiveness, improves power of concentration, study, telepathy; increases financial success; locates objects that have been lost.

INDIGO Color of inertia; stops situations or people; use in rituals which require a deep meditational state; or in rituals that demand Saturn energy

ROYAL BLUE Promotes laughter and joviality; color or loyalty; use to attract Jupiter energy, or whenever an influence needs to be increased.

LIGHT BLUE Spiritual color; helpful in devotional or inspirational meditations; brings peace and tranquility to the home; radiates aquarius energy; employ where a situation must be synthesized.

BLUE Primary spiritual color; for rituals to obtain wisdom. harmony,inner light, or peace; confers truth and guidance.

EMERALD GREEN Important component in Venusian rituals; attracts love, social delights and fertility.

DARK GREEN Color of ambition, greed, and jealousy; counteracts these influences in a ritual.

GREEN Promotes prosperity, fertility, success, stimulates rituals for good luck, money, harmony, and rejuvenation.

GRAY Neutral color useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; in magick this color often sparks confusion; it also negates or neutralizes a negative influence.

BLACK Opens up the deeper levels of the unconscious; use in rituals to induce a deep meditational state, or to banish evil or negativity as in uncrossing rituals; attracts Saturn energy.


Before using a candle in a magical ceremony, the candle can be dressed or anointed with Candle Anointing Oil. Use your bare hands, rub the oil into the wax starting at the middle of the candle and working your way up to the top. Again, rub the oil into the wax, starting at the middle of the candle and work your way down to the bottom to complete the anointing ritual.

As you anoint the candle, concentrate deeply on the desired outcome and the event happening as you wish it.This ancient practice of candle anointing helps to put your psychic vibrations into the candle (For external use only.)