Updated on -- 6/8/2000

Ever wonder what the cast of "The Young Riders" is up to these days?
Here's a quick update!

Cast Birthdays

Stephen Baldwin

Cutaway (2000)
Table One (2000)
X Change (2000)
The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas (2000) -- Barney Rubble

Josh Brolin

This summer Josh will be starring in a play called "True West" starting June 21st!
Check out this snippet at the New York Daily News sent in by Stacie!

The Hollow Man (2000) -- Matt Kensington
Set for an August 4th release in the US!

Slow Burn (2000) -- Duster

"Picnic" (Made for TV 2000)
Aired April 16th on CBS in the US

All the Rage was shown at the Santa Barbara Film Festival on March 4th!

Brett Cullen

Brett plays Martel in the movie The Replacements
This movie about the 1987 football strike is set for release August 11th!

Keep your eyes out for what Brett is up to next at http://www.brettcullen.com

Travis Fine

Jack the Dog (2000)

Girl, Interrupted (1999)
Now on video!

Don Franklin

Ishani reports that Don is a supporting cast member in the new tv show
"Seven Days"
Wednesdays at 8pm EST on UPN! (check your local listings)

Melissa Leo

Melissa Leo recently returned with the cast for
"Homicide: The Movie"

Ty Miller

US Seals (1999) -- Dewey

Christopher Pettiet

Sadly, Chris passed away on April 12, 2000 from an accidental drug overdose.
Please visit the Center Stage Christopher Pettiet Memorial Scholarship web page for information on donations.

Gregg Rainwater

Jackie reports that Gregg will be in a play called "Fastest Clock in the Universe" beginning March 30th and will run for three weeks at the Tamarind Theater in Hollywood, Ca.

Ocean Tribe

Foreign Correspondents

Yvonne Suhor

Yvonne has been leading her own acting studio in Orlando, Fl! Visit Lady for an Era for interesting articles about Yvonne!

Anthony Zerbe

True Crime (1999)

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