The Young Riders 10 Year Reunion

Even though I was only able to attend the Reunion on Saturday at Old Tucson Studios, I managed to get a few pictures to share with you all. I had a really great time and Wendy, Shannon, Kirsten, Cass, Jess, Anna, and Pam were the best!!! Since I came late I felt a little out of place, but they all did a wonderful job of including me as though I had been there since Thursday night. They are all the greatest people and I can't wait to see them again and even MORE fans at next year's reunion!

I flew into Tucson Friday night and proceeded to call Kirsten. But little did I know, she was employed as a telephone operator while in town! Let's just say, it's a miracle anyone got through to her room. The hotel guy even asked me if I was her mother, who kept calling ever 10 minutes to get through! :) So I got up early the next morning and gave her a call. We spent a long time chatting as she filled me in on what had been going on since they all arrived in town. We agreed to meet at the Sudios by around 10:30, but since she and I talked so long on the phone... well let's just say I was a little late. I felt really bad about it, but no one said anything.

I was first greeted by Shannon, who was coming out of the gate to talk to someone and she said "Are you Tanya? We're waiting over there." I was a little dazed because the only person I "knew" was Kirsten. Shannon and I had emailed a little bit, but not much. I tried to memorize everyone by their screen name, web page, or fanfictions. It was pretty crazy at first.

While Wendy, Shannon, and Pam were off talking to someone, the rest of us decided to explore the grounds a bit. Some of them had been there on Friday so they already knew the layout. We headed straight for the cemetary, which I must say, was an overwhelming sight! The cemetary means different things to different people, and for me I was just rushed by images of all of the funerals that took place there. I got caught up in the proposal stuff too, and I think there's a picture of Kirsten and me out there reenacting the Kid and Lou scene. It was a bit funny because... well you all know I'm a bit of a Jimmy and Lou fan. And everyone kept talking about "the tree, the tree," and of course I'm bewildered... Until K fills me in that Lou was standing in front of the tree when Kid proposed. I guess you can tell I haven't watched that scene a lot... But The Sacrifice is one of my favorite episodes :)

Here's a picture of us under that "tree!" :)

Jess (kneeling), Kirsten, Anna, myself, and Cass

Next we headed over to the "Alamo" which was a recreated mission-looking building. The original one actually burned in the fire, but this one was still cool. We were mostly focused on this building in The Exchange, but it may also have been used for And Then there Was One and some other episodes.

The Alamo

Here's a picture of Jess and Kirsten hamming it up :)

Here's a close-up of 5 of us sitting on the fountain. That cool water felt really good! :)

After our trip to the Alamo, we bought some sarsaparilla, watched a street shoot out, and met up with Wendy, Shannon, and Pam at the saloon. I was a little awed by the interior, but since I was a little rusty on my episodes, Kirsten had to remind me that critical scenes of Blood Money were shot there. I just about cried right there when she told me that was the bar where Lou came up to Jimmy dressed like a saloon girl. SIGH! What a moment! :)

We watched a cute show there, complete with a Pony Express rider -- whom we all cheered for, but he wasn't nearly as cute as our boys!!!

Kirsten and Me :)

After that we headed to the courthouse, and my heart stopped again because this is where the trial in Speak No Evil was filmed! The interior of the building was turned into a museum with movie posters and memorabilia. I was overwhelmed with the number of movies and tv shows that have been filmed there! And the fact that there were tributes to The Young Riders there was just amazing.

The Courthouse
"Mr. McSwain, will you please take the stand?"

Hey, that's no way for a lawyer to approach the bench!

In the entryway there's a listing of all of the filming that has been done at the Studios.

I didn't know that Little House of the Prairie was filmed here too. Here's a picture of some of the costumes for Laura. (The glare is from the front door of the building -- Sorry!)

After the court house we went into a shop and dressed in old fashioned gear to have our picture taken. I hope someone else will scan their copy in. I didn't get a chance to. The pictures came out really good though!

We had lunch at a great barbecue place and wandered into a western wear shop. As we were leaving, someone caught sight of a leather mochilla hanging from the rafters! It was marked "US Mail." I didn't get a picture of it, but someone else did. I was wondering if it was for sale, but I didn't have any money to spend, so I didn't ask.

After we left the shop and did a little bit of shooting, I had to leave the group. I was only in Tucson for two days and I had other people to meet and things to take care of. I missed saying good bye to most of the gang, as they headed off to another show at the Alamo.

On my way out I took a couple of pictures of Young Riders mentions. They have a pony ride at the Studios for "young riders" and they do mean young. I don't think any of us qualified :)

On the drive back from the Studios there's a scenic overlook--and that's putting it mildly!! The scans and the pictures don't do it justice.

Here's looking down on the Studios

And in the other direction -- the city of Tucson

Well that's about all I have to offer for my Reunion Tale. I hope to go to next year's meeting for a much longer time! Even though I was only there for a few hours, I had such a fantastic time!

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