Millennial Decadence
 At the dawn of the new millennium,
 dreams are shattered, hopes left void.
 the days of the knights are past,
 we must embrace the new,
 future terrifying, resolutions dying,
 are we where we want to be?
 Probably not, for most people,
 contemplation is upon us,
 this is much more serious
 than the other new years,
 the Stoners take things more seriously,
 the drunkards, the plastered ones,
 this year will be different,
 roads of the past meet the present,
 it must embrace the change.
 This is not like the other dawns,
 for they birthed a new year,
 quickly over, ready for new,
 none living shall see this again,
 nor the descendants for many generations,
 we, the privileged, must take serious the honour,
 so where will you be? Stoned? Drunk?
 Contemplating? If the last is your choice,
 then welcome aboard!
Copyright M.A. Clark 1998.
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