Family Decadence
 Tear me apart,
 woman of ebony,
 I see the past,
 I see through the deception
 of those damned years,
 Making you to be Ms. Respectable,
 Whoremongrels you both are,
 seeking your happiness,
 destroying your chance at it by sin,
 Kill those around,
 don't you give a damn,
 Pain inevitable,
 for all involved, sickening,
 I see the decadence, I see the families,
 they are destroyed, and for what?
 I am almost a member of one,
 you tear us apart, you seek your own,
 you want happiness, and pursue it in sin,
 Irony abounds in this, you can't have it,
 You want God to bless this marriage,
 how when it was come through adultery?
 You're both control freaks! How will it work?
 The child of red, it is killing him,
 Whatever I want is best for him, eh?
 Wake up to the true reality of the matter,
 Not your feeling reality! We will not be happy for you!
 You're losing it, the respect you had,
 you want us to think you're moral!
 How, after having pulled a stunt like that?
Copyright M.A. Clark 1998.
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