The Young Writers' Collection
This is a collection of work by young writers. We present these works to you for your reading enjoyment and in order to get feedback from you--so please do send comments to the authors when a link is provided, and please do us the favor of not stealing anyone's work.

Note: Please check the list of editors (in our guidelines) before sending writing to any of them. With people leaving for the summer--or more permanently--the list has changed, and work sent to an editor who is no longer an editor will of course not be recieved.

Another note: Unfortunately, we Editors (the... what, two of os that remain) are VERY short on time lately ("lately" being since about July 1998) and so we have not been accepting submissions. As you may have noticed. Hopefully, with school coming to a close for the summer, we will be able to accept some things again. We're working on it.

Writing currently available to read:
Guidelines for submission are here
Thank you for reading! We hope you have enjoyed it.
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