Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion, “Ravishing” Rick Rude, died Tuesday. The cause of death is not immediately available, but early word is that it may have been related to a heart stoppage or heart attack.
Rude won the NWA title on September 19, 1993 when he defeated Ric Flair in Houston, TX. WCW renamed the title the WCW International World Heavyweight Title after they withdrew from the NWA.

Rude broke into the national spotlight in the WWF and holding the Intercontinental Title after a victory over the Ultimate Warrior.

Rude’s wrestling career was ended by a serious neck injury, and he had recently returned to WCW as an announcer for Backstage Blast programs on DirecTV.

More details and a full career retrospective will be posted later in the day.

The entire staff of 1Wrestling.com sends condolences to the family and friends of Rick Rude.

My Condolences Go Out To The Rude Family
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From WWF.com....


Remembering Rick Rude

WWF.COM was saddened to learn of the untimely passing of former superstar and Intercontinental Champion, "Ravishing" Rick Rude. We have chosen to take this time to remember this fallen superstar and his tremendous career both in and out of the ring.

Rick Rude made his presence felt immediately upon entering the Federation in 1987. His airbrushed ring attire, long hair and incredibly toned body made him one of the most recognizable superstars of the era. As much as the fans despised his self-centered attitude, nearly everybody realized that Rude had all the trappings needed to succeed in the Federation.

Rude's best known feud in the Federation was with another former champion, the Ultimate Warrior. These two superstars battled several times, electrifying audiences around the world. Rude's career pinnacle came against the Warrior, when he captured the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania V. Although Rude would eventually lose the title back to the Warrior, "The Ravishing One" established himself as one of the greatest superstars of the 1980s.

Rude also participated in several other feuds in the Federation, including one with Jake "The Snake" Roberts over the affections of Roberts' wife, Cheryl. Rude eventually left the Federation to continue his career in WCW, where he achieved moderate success. Rude's career was effectively ended while working for WCW after he suffered a neck injury while competing in Japan. Although he would never be the in-ring force that he had been in the past, his charisma and attitude kept him as one of the best known personalities within the sports-entertainment industry.

Eventually, Rude made his way back into the Federation, acting as a spokesman for the first incarnation of D-Generation X. After returning to WCW, he finished out his career as a commentator.

Rude was a trailblazer in the industry due to his tendency to address the audience over the house microphone before his matches. His constant berating of the "fat, out of shape" fans always managed to get a huge reaction, and was a definite precursor to the entrance speeches of Val Venis, The Road Dog and countless other superstars.

Every single person in the sports-entertainment industry mourns the passing of this legendary superstar. The World Wrestling Federation gives its condolences to Rude's family. They will be in our thoughts and prayers during this most difficult of times.