Trading  Guidelines:

1) Use new, name brand tapes (Maxell, Sony, TDK), preferably high grade.
2) Record videos in SP mode, duh....
3) Use two 4-head, Hi Fi stereo VCR's.
4) Please leave 10 to 15 seconds of blank space at the beginning of the tape, and between each show.
5) Do not cut any shows off, either at the beginning or the end  Complete shows only!
6) Don't write on CD-R's or VHS labels or apply them to the tapes.
7) Include dates, venues, and relevant show information on a separate piece of paper or a Post-It.
8) Send in boxes or padded envelopes, preferably via Priority Mail.

Despite the fact that I have posted these simple rules on my site, I have still recently received shows recorded in mono, incomplete shows, and tapes with titles scribbled on the labels and stuck on the tape.   This means that people are either not reading the rules, or reading them and not giving a shit  This also means that unless we have traded successfully before, you will send your tapes or CD's first.

Grading Scale:

A+ Excellent picture clarity, usually recorded from a commercial master tape or TV broadcast.
A   Very good quality, though not necessarily perfect;  usually from master to 2nd generation.
B   Good picture, but starting to show signs of generation loss (fuzziness, bending, diminished audio).
C   Picture is fuzzy, perhaps has inferior audio, etc.  This will bug you unless you're a huge fan.
D   Badly flawed.  For die-hard collectors only.  So far I haven't even put any of these on my list.
  A little better
-   A little worse

Aud = Filmed from the audience (one camera unless otherwise noted).
Pro = Professionally filmed (multi-camera).
Shows I filmed or taped myself are indicated in red (master).

 Videos  A - L
Videos  M - Z
Promo  Videos

Audio  A - M
Audio  N - Z

Commercial  CD's