Recording Equipment:

Video Cameras:
Sony VX-2100  3CCD  MiniDV Camcorder  (May 2004 to present)
Panasonic  PV-GS120  3CCD  MiniDV  Camcorder  (Dec. 2004 to present)
Sony TRV-530  Digital 8mm Camcorder (Jan. 2002 to present)
Sony TR-940  Hi-8 Stereo Camcorder

Sony ECM-MS908C  Stereo Video Microphone  (Oct. 2004 to present)
Aiwa CM-T7 Stereo Condenser Microphone  (2001 to present)

Digital Editing & Duplication
Sony Vaio PCV-RS220 (with DVD-RW drive)
Vegas 4.0 / DVD Architect 1.0  Non-Linear Editing Software
Panasonic DMR-E30 Set-Top  DVD Recorder

Sony Vaio PCV-RS220 (with CD-RW drive)
Harmon Kardon CDR2 Compact Disc Recorder
Sony PCM  M-1 DAT Deck


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