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4 ACES and then some......

Important Information!!!!

Barry Kantner passed away Thursday, December 16, 1999. Barry was heavily involved with the local scene and was in the following bands: Akira, Stain, Naptown Hellcats, Sinn Fein, & Mainstay...Barry was 23 years old and left behind Amy Howell (his girlfriend) and his beautiful baby boy of a month old Aiden James MacFarland Kantner...We Love You, Barry!

The Vibrating Velvet-Tones are a hardcore/punk band from Indianapolis, Indiana....They're here to do nothin' but rock n roll and kick your ass! To get in touch with the V.V.T., e-mail them or Write to them @

Vibrating Velvet-Tones

P.O. Box 356

Greenwood, IN 46142

Thanks again for visiting our site and we hope to see you in your hometown soon!!!! Check out a few pictures that we have....Just Click on the Lil' Devil!!!

If ya wanna see our twisted-ass merchandise, then click on the The V.V.T LOGO!!!

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