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The Conclusion Of The Area 51 Saga

AREA 51 SIGHTINGS, Dec. 8-9th, 1996


by Karen Lustrup

UFOIA SIT Team Number 6140 (NORWAY)

re-edited by Jerry Washington

When we last left off, Karen and her friends, Maria Elisa and

Sergel, were in the midst of a remarkable encounter

with a multitude of objects near the infamous "Area 51."

The following is the conclusion of her account.


S: [Showing stress, excitement and fear]

K: Relax, this is an "ordinary road," be calm…it'll be...oh my god, what IS that???

[This object is not inside any cloud] It's, oh my's hovering!!

S: It's going up and down... SHIT!!

K: Stand still. My god, look at it. It's...BEAUTIFUL!


S: Oh Ma...hurry...close the car door!!

K: The camera is not picking up...

S: Come on camera...come on, come on...

M: What?

S: Look down the road [a public road]. Tell me what you see and say we're not nuts!

It's no car!

K: Nope, it's hovering over the road...bouncing…it came out of that mountain. It came down from the mountain, it went to the left, then the right, and now it's here.

M: I see it...look at's not on the ground. [The orange illumination is the size of a

Volkswagon] It's hovering!

S Look at the contours. Do you see that Marialisa??

K: There it goes, to the left, there it goes to the right. Oops, it shot something! Wait...

K. It's playing

S: It's neat!

S: Down

K Down

S: Left...

K: Left…

BOTH: Round...round...up. Up!!

K: Oh wow, see it's moving's going back and forth.

S: Right there...

S: Dimming down...

K: Dimming more... flash…bright! Dimming…

S: Gone. It's gone.

K: There's something over there, flashes behind the cloud…inside the cloud. It's just a tiny little cloud [not the big circle cloud].

S: What was that?

K: It was a flash of yellow light on the fender, where did it come from?

K: Ohhhh, look it, look it....ahhhh, lookit! It's soooo beautiful! Straight up, up… straight…up, up down, up down, straight up at an angle. Down, left, left, left, still going left. Marilisa, look out the window!! Right…right. Shoot, the cameras NOT getting it. Oh, WOWWWW!! Reappeared…

S: Back…forth...look at it move!

K: Lights...yes...dim...

BOTH: WooooOOWWW, go, go, go!!! Look at it gooooo! K: Look at it. Look at it…straight…up to the left…up to the left. Straight up, up… hover, ..right, hover, hover, right...

BOTH: Up,'s that same one, the same one playing on the road...

K: Ohhhhh, woww!!

S: Wow, look at it play!!

K: Up, sometimes the lights go off, there it is, going off…on. There it is...

S: It's got its brother, right up there on the range...

K: I can't believe we're seeing this!

S: I can't believe we're doing this!!

Until 2:30 am, the sightings were continuous. Up to six ships at a time appeared. They seemed to be prompting us to move north towards Rachel, which we did. Additional objects kept approaching us for miles - seemingly out of curiosity. All in all we had at least 40 sightings, while Sergel says it was more like 50. The last two sightings were the best, but by then we'd run out of video-tape. Some of the excitement had worn off, too. We'd grown accustomed to the ships in a short period of time. After an hour and a half, we were used to them. There was no threat, no nothing - just playful, curious encounters. Which only goes to show how fast we humans can grow accustomed to things. I've had other sightings before in my life but only one at a time, with a long period of non-activity in between. However, this event was to be spoiled rotten by them.

We headed north attempting to find a road leading to a rather large ship that appeared to have landed. We attempted to get as close as possible. Then Sergel said we had one behind us. I turned and observed a beautiful green ship that was hovering. Then another one approached from the right - then an orange one. We sat and watched, enjoying the show, and agreed to turn the car around in an attempt to get closer to the green object, which was more "Pleiadian"-shaped than the other craft, which were more or less round and/or oblong shaped. We drove up to a stop sign, turned off the lights and watched. A few minutes later, a truck or a car appeared coming from the north. We saw its lights and took notice of which direction it was headed - then returned to watch the green ship. After a while, the truck still hadn't passed us so we turned to look in its direction, and the lights were still there…still coming closer. So we returned once again to watching the green ship. We also noticed that the orange, landed one was still behind us, and another orange one had appeared over the range to our left. Then we looked for the truck again, wanting it to just pass and get out of our way, and then, wow!! At that very same moment Marialisa wakes up and shouts, "GEEZZZZZZZZZ!! Have you seen the one right next to us?" Looking in that direction, we stared at what we had thought was a truck, which was now a stationary object hovering just above the road - right there - some 20 yards away. At the bottom of it, two bright lights were in motion but still connected to the body of the ship. The object had an orange color and was large, meaning the width of the road, and perhaps 10 feet in thickness or more. It vibrated as if it were alive - there was definitely a feeling of life and intelligence there.

For several minutes we were paralysed with joy and disbelief, then suddenly, the object split-up…within nanoseconds. It broke up in several pieces like a stone skipping on the surface of the water. It was, needless to say, fascinating! Then completely gone.

We returned our attentions back towards the green ship, which was still there on the other side of the road, hovering stationary in the air some 15-20 feet above the ground, approximately 50-75 yards away. We decided to make an attempt to get closer, which we did. We drove across the road and stopped the car and got out. Then for almost 45 minutes we stood there and watched. The object moved in closer, then retreated. Hovering here and there, back and forth, and up and down, the object didn't make any big moves, just nice and easy ones. From our vantage point it was easy to see that there were lights underneath the ship, circulating in a pattern of white and green. Another band of green lights was revolving around its center rim. Two lights in particular stood out: both of which were of a sharper green, that would stop, on occasion, in our direction and hold their position for several minutes at a time.

This particular sighting was the longest one of them all, and gave us plenty of time to tune-in to the object and become acquainted with it's presence. We definitely got the impression that the object knew we were there. Oddly enough, we felt very relaxed about it - by this time it didn't seem at all strange that we were hanging-out there with a UFO. Thinking "so now what," we were ready for whatever might evolve. It was as if everything was a normal event.

The object continued to move back and forth, varying in distance from approximately 20 to 50 yards away. The strange thing was that regardless of the distance, the object appeared to maintain the same size all the time. Now that was something that I couldn't fathom…it was too illogical…that can't be! I saw it come very close and yet, went it went back towards the hill, it was still the same size! Eventually, I just accepted what I saw, and let it go at that. Sergel had seen it, too, which only served to reinforce the weird and extraordinary perception!

We started to head home around 2:30 am. We were all very, very full of impressions but exhausted from our adventure, and with over a two hour drive back home, we needed to leave. The rest of the sky seemed calm by that time with little activity to speak of. The green object was still there and followed us a bit down the road before it disappeared - perhaps into another dimension. It was just gone, again, in a nanosecond.

Driving down the ET Highway, as they call it, we had three dark red lights following (or escorting) us for nearly an hour as we headed back towards Clark County, which was the last thing we saw of the strange objects. For all of us, it was the most incredible night of our lives!! I believe that keeping a positive mind and being open to whatever happens - not posing any mental threat to what's going on - is a great help if you want to have the best experience possible when visiting the area. Respect the region's boundaries. Now we know that you needn't go into the restricted zone itself, as the sky is fully open, and should they accept you as they accepted us, you'll have a wonderful treat and the experience of a lifetime! Just bring a lot of warm clothes for those desert nights, especially during the winter months.


We don't know what the truth about Area 51 is. From rumors, books, the Net, Bob Lazar and others claiming to have worked there, plus the reports and observations of people like us who've visited the area, we know something is going on. Through my web page I've had individuals contact me who claim to have seen aliens working in tandem with our military personnel, inside hangars located in both Nevada and California. What we saw that night, we saw. We don't know whether the objects we encountered were piloted by ETs or not, but we do know the flight skills of these craft were definitely not terrestrial. Maneuvering in such a manner - defying gravity - is beyond our capabilities at this time, as far as I know. The objects' ability to attain speeds beyond which mankind has achieved, to maneuver silently, and to materialize and dematerialize, was incredible. Since we don't know what they are, we're left to admire the beauty of their capabilities and to be in awe of them. We have a ways to go before we achieve that degree of skill and technology. Rumor has it that a human pilot did attempt to pilot a captured disk once and it sent him off on a 90 degree turn with such a high G factor, that the man wound up plastered all over the inside of the ship.

Why we were unable to take any video footage remains an unknown. It would have served as our testimony to the rest of the world. However, maybe that wasn't meant to be. We feel fortunate to have had the experiences. A short sequence was all that stuck, which is really a nothing compared to the rest of the sighting. We were also able to take a couple of still photographs, of something anyway, that aren't very good, either. So, despite having to swallow the disappointment, we still consider ourselves to be very privileged!

Karen Lustrup



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