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      02.22.17 11:50:00pm

      Training Programs and Teams
      501(c3) Nonprofit organization
      CLUB FACTS: here

      updated 02.22.17

    See calendar for links to tournament schedules for this weekend. Good luck to all of our teams playing in Fort Wayne, Decatur, and Indianapolis.
    NOTE: Players with current unpaid balances from Jan/Feb are on inactive status and may not practice or participate in tournaments until past fees are paid in full. If you have any questions regarding your current balance please contact Steve Hinton (see contact link at top of page).

      updated 02.20.17

    March invoices were sent out via email on Sunday. They are due payable on or before March 1st.

      updated 02.16.17

    Happy to report the website issues involving unwanted redirect and web ads have been resolved. Please contact Tony if you have any problems viewing from cell phone or home computer. Thanks for your patience regarding this problem.

      updated 02.16.17

    New Volleywear has arrived in our store. 1/4 zip fleece sweatshirts are now available in sizes small and medium for $25 dollars. Limited number of backpacks, kneepads, and T-shirts are still available. New warm-up jackets will arrive soon. All items are optional and not required to be purchased by our players.

      updated 02.15.17

    Tournament information for this weekend is posted to February calendar. Good luck to the teams active on Saturday or Sunday. February club fees are past due (February 1st). Inactive list will go into effect on Monday. Your will be notified by your coach if any unpaid balance is still outstanding. Please email Steve Hinton if you have questions.

      updated 02.01.17

    "SCRIMMAGE TIME" (it's so fine!) with club director Tony Terrell and special guest Brigitte Slack (former professional volleyball player): Meets on Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm at the Historic Park Center Gym (909 East State Street). Our special recipe involves a non-stop activated ball/play format with constant movement. Great chance for game-like play with a small dose of instruction based on specific game situations. A big promise for an exciting chance to play, learn, and have fun. Cost is $10. Open to all volleyball players (club, non-club, other-club, and anyone else). Prepare to be challenged! Register by filling out the form below. Registration opens at 6:00am on Tuesday (the day prior to the scheduled session) and remains open until filled. If your registration is submitted successfully, then that is your confirmation. Once filled the registration form becomes inactive and will not accept any additional entries. Limited space available for each session.     
  • Scrimmage Time - registration form -click here-

  • "MONDAY HIGH SCHOOL TRAINING" SERIES: For players who want train one day a week on Mondays. No travel and no tournaments. Team meets on Mondays from 5:45-7:00pm. Cost of program is $125 dollars for six weeks. Players may enter the training series on any given Monday (most convenient). Open to all high school players currently in grades 11/10/9.     
  • High School Training Series - registration form -click here-

  • "LITTLE SPIKERS": Grades 4/3/2/1 with open registration. Program runs from January - April and meets twice a week on Mon/Wed from 5:45-7:00pm. Players may join at any time. Please contact Amy Hipskind, Communication Director, for current openings.     
  • Little Spikers - registration form -click here-

  • "MATH INSTRUCTION/REMEDIATION" PROGRAM: Meets from 4:30-5:30pm each Wednesday of the month. For students in grades 6,7,8,and 9 who would like extra help in General Math/Pre-Algebra/Algebra I AND for accelerated 6th grade students interested in moving forward into Algebra I (interested in the challenge). Cost is $10 per session. Required registration by filling out the form below on Tuesday (the day prior to the scheduled session). You will receive email notification on Wednesday. Limited space available for each session. Call 437-0038 with additional questions. This program is open to all students (you do not have to be a current member of the the Fort Wayne Volleyball Club to participate).     
  • Math Warehouse - registration form -click here-

  • "REGIONAL/LOCAL TEAMS": Grades 8/7 and 6/5 with open registration and new teams forming in January/February/March. Program runs January - June with teams practicing each week and participating in scheduled tournaments each month. Our original program which began in 1987 and has been developing and training players for the past 30 years. Players may join at any time. Please contact Amy Hipskind, Communication Director, for current openings.     
  • Regional/Local Teams - registration form -click here-

  • "PRIVATE AND GROUP LESSONS": Lessons are one hour in length and scheduled at a date and time convenient to the player and instructor. Topic and skill is by request of the player/parent. See below for additional details and contact information. [P.L. Directors- Adrienne Dircksen and Brigitte Slack]     
  • Private Lessons - information -click here-

     posted 12/29/16
    Does the possibility of being a part of the Fort Wayne Volleyball Club interest you?

    If you are currently not participate with our program in the 2017 season and would like to find out more information in our program offerings, then please take time to fill out an information request form. There is no obligation or commitment involved with this form. We will be happy to answer any/all questions you may have.

    ... information request form.

      updated 01.14.17

    The team Tournament schedules are now posted to website (see link above). Club fees are past due at this time. Players with unpaid fees are placed on an inactive list (not permitted to practice or attend tournaments) and are reactivated once payment is received. Please use PayPal for all late payments (this activate player within moments). Paying late fees through standard mail will delay the return to active status. Your coach will be notifying you if fees are unpaid. If you have any questions on billing invoice and club fees, please contact Steve Hinton (contact information top of page).

    Tournament information for FW-NaThalang for this Sunday and FW-Nidlinger for Saturday (both teams in Indianapolis) will be posted to website, forwarded by coach, and sent via email directly to parents by Amy as soon as we have access. Please report player absence from practice directly to your coach via text (contact information top of page). Players who miss practice and do not notify their coach will be placed on inactive status after the 3rd time. Do not hesitate to contact me with any additional questions/concerns. Website contact information (above) has been updated. Thanks for your positive support and commitment to the club......... Tony

      updated 12.13.16

    Rosters have been updated. Tournament schedule is still being fine-turned. January playdates have been posted on calendar. Reminder that all "scrimmage time" "after school" event dates are open to all players (club, non-club, other-club). Club fees are due January 1 (extended until the 10th). Fixed fees are due at that time and should be mailed in, deposited in the drop box by office, or processed through our PayPal site (do not give to your coach.) Checks or Money Orders only, no cash. The new MATH remediation/help sessions begin next week. Details posted to January Calendar. Openings are available on the following teams: first/second grade - 3 openings; third/fourth grade - 1 opening; fifth/sixth grade - one opening. Senior/Junior - one opening (must have two years or more of high school varsity level experience). Contact Amy Hipskind for additional details (contact link above). All teams begin training beginning Monday or Tuesday of next week (see calendar for exact times and dates). Happy New Year! See you next week . . . . Tony

      updated 12.10.16

    In the event of bad weather practice may or may not be canceled. If weather conditions in your area prohibit safe travel, players should NOT go to practice. Players are responsible to contact their coaches to report the absence. If coaches are unable to make it to practice, we will cancel the session and post this information to the club website. Posting will be made no later than one hour prior to the start of practice.

    In the event weather conditions prohibit players from attending a tournament, they are to call and email (both) their respective coach prior to 6:00am on the day of the tournament to report their absence. Coaches will confirm with the remaining players on the roster, that there will be enough players to compete (we do not want to have less than 6 players arrive in Indy for the tournament and discover they do not have enough players on their team to compete.)

    Historically in the past, tournaments have never been canceled due to weather. Teams that can attend are realigned and the tournament goes on. Safety must be taken into consideration when inclement weather occurs. Individual families must contact their coach if they feel that travel is unsafe and they will not be able to attend. (Note: Tournament entry fees are paid in advance and are not refunded to teams who do not attend.)

      updated 12.01.16

    SPECIAL DECEMBER RACK SALE: All club logo T-shirts on the metal rack-on-wheels are on sale for $5.00 (until gone). Volleywear for all of our parents/players can be purchased at all practice sessions. T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and 1/4 zip fleece now available. Support our teams by wearing the official FWVBC volleywear to all club events!

      updated 12.01.16

    Amy Hipskind, Communication director, will continue to update and send out emails via our Constant Contact CC account. Be sure to contact Amy if her important club information emails are not getting to you.

    Both Twitter and Face Book are active and running at full speed. Please take time to set your phone and computers up to follow all of the Fort Wayne VBC news on both of these formats.


    "The only thing that separates a successful volleyball player from the ones that aren't is a willingness to work very, very hard. We have been producing these type of players since 1987. Over 225 players have gone on to play in college... many more are enjoying the sport of volleyball for a lifetime...."

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