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  08.02.16 @ 09:53:00am

  Training Programs and Teams
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  updated 07.11.16

The final invoice which will be sent out in August will cover all activity in June for team practices and tournament participation in the Muncie and Columbus events played over June 4/5 and the AAU National tournament (16hampton/15nathalang/14terrell). Payment is due upon receipt for final invoice statements. Please direct all questions to Tony (contact information available at link at top of page.) Thank you.

  updated 08.02.16

TONY'S TIGERS: New for August/September.... Flex-Training enables participants to pick and choose the number of training days each week. Players may train 1,2, or 3 days a week depending on their school team schedule, school activity schedule, and any other activity. Sessions run on Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:00-7:00pm on any of the three days. (NOTE: August 2 session will run 5:45-7:00pm)

These training classes are for players who will be in grades 8/7/6 in the Fall of 2016. A $50 fee is payable in full on start date of your choice and covers 4 sessions which may be attended on dates of your choice (convenient for busy schedules and potential conflicts on certain dates). You may extend the length of training by renewing the $50 fee for additional sessions. Each player decides how many sessions to attend each week and what dates they would like to participate. Open to all players from in and around the Fort Wayne area. Designed for those with some prior volleyball experience who have a strong desire to excel and a willingness to work hard and improve. Skill work includes passing, serving, attacking, and positional training. All registration is done on site prior to your first session. Practice is held at the Fort Wayne Volleyball Club Training Center located at 5335 Bass Rd. (behind the Pointe Church).
Training Coach: Tony Terrell

Tony Terrell's BIO

A program for 9/10/11/12 year olds with beginning to intermediate experience. Each session will run 5:30-6:30pm on Wednesday (one day a week). Participants pay $50 for four sessions. Players may begin on any given Wednesday throughout the months of May/June/July/August/September. This covers 4 sessions which may be attended on dates of your choice (convenient for busy summer schedules and potential conflicts on certain dates). Payment and registration are completed onsite prior to start of first session attended. This program is renewable (following each 4 sessions attended). Players should arrive 10 minutes early for new registration. Skill work will include passing, serving, attacking, and positional training. All sessions will be held at the Fort Wayne Volleyball Club Training Center located at 5335 Bass Rd. (behind the Pointe Church). Location is only minutes from Jefferson Pointe Shopping.
Training Coach: TBA

Lessons are one hour in length and scheduled at a time convenient to the player and instructor. Cost will vary depending on number of players in the session. Topic and skill is by request of player/parent. Adrienne Dircksen is the club's Head Instructor for private lessons. She is assisted by additional qualified Fort Wayne Volleyball Club Head coaches. Please see link at top of page for additional information and contact information.
Private Lesson Coach: Adrienne Dircksen - 19 years with the Ft Wayne VBC program

For additional information on any of the Fort Wayne VBC training programs, please contact Tony Terrell at 260.437.0038 or email at


"The only thing that separates a successful volleyball player from the ones that aren't is a willingness to work very, very hard. We have been producing these type of players since 1987. Over 225 players have gone on to play in college... many more are enjoying the sport of volleyball for a lifetime...."

  • Testimonials

      updated 05.30.16

    Great time had by all our travel teams in Pittsburg!

    FW dircksen and FW minnick both won the silver division of their respective age divisions. FW terrell and FW hampton finished 9th overall in their respective age divisions. FW naThalang finished 5th overall in their divison. Fun weekend. Thanks for the great effort, hard work, and sportsmanship by all!

      updated 04.19.16

    Congratulations to FWdircksen, and FWterrell for their first place finishes along with FWhampton on a second place finish at Anderson, Indiana Tournament last weekend. All teams participating represented our program with positive sportsmanship and solid team play. Great job teams.

    Congratulations to FWsquibbb for their second place finish at Spike Challenge Tournament last Saturday in Fort Wayne. Solid play from 9:00am until 4:30pm.

      updated 02.03.16

    Volleywear for all of our parents available for sale at all practice sessions. New T-shirts, Sweatshirts, and 1/4 zip fleece now available. Support our teams by wearing the official FWVBC volleywear to all club events!

      updated 01.12.16

    Amy will continue to update and send out emails via our Constant Contact CC account (be sure to notify Amy if her emails are not arriving in your mail box (or junk mail).

    Both Twitter and Face Book are active and running at full speed. Please take time to set your phone and computers up to follow all of the Fort Wayne VBC news on both of these formats.

      updated 01.04.16

    In the event of bad weather practice may or may not be canceled. If weather conditions in your area prohibit safe travel, players should NOT go to practice. Players are responsible to contact their coaches to report the absence. If coaches are unable to make it to practice, we will cancel the session and post this information to the club website. Posting will be made no later than one hour prior to the start of practice.

    In the event weather conditions prohibit players from attending a tournament, they are to call and email (both) their respective coach prior to 6:00am on the day of the tournament to report their absence. Coaches will confirm with the remaining players on the roster, that there will be enough players to compete (we do not want to have less than 6 players arrive in Indy for the tournament and discover they do not have enough players on their team to compete.)

    Historically in the past, tournaments have never been canceled due to weather. Teams that can attend are realigned and the tournament goes on. Safety must be taken into consideration when inclement weather occurs. Individual families must contact their coach if they feel that travel is unsafe and they will not be able to attend. (Note: Tournament entry fees are paid in advance and are not refunded to teams who do not attend. Tournament billing to players will not be adjusted due to weather conditions.)





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