Players must have completed their college volleyball career to be nominated for this honor

- Kelly Harris/Arizona State '96 - Kristin Baxter/Western Carolina '96 - Brijin Hales/Montevallo '96 - Julie Meshberger/Indiana State '96 - Heather Teagarden/IPFW '96 - Tammy Juergens/Univesity of Texas '97 - Nikki Taylor/Memphis State '97 - Torrence Wilson/Georgia State '97 - Terra Garoutte/University of Missouri '97 - Molly Dunderman/Western Illinois '97 - Kim Osborne/University of North Carolina Ashville '97 - Becky Inman/Ball State '98 - Heather Cox/Butler University '98 - Susan Johnson/Florida State '98 - Angie Harris/University of Notre Dame '98 (Professional USA Beach Player) - Samantha Walker/Georgia State '99 - Jamie Hales/Miami of Ohio '99 - Dawn Leon/University of Evansville '99 - Mary Franke/Virgina Commonwealth '99 - Holly Schneider/Florida State '99 - Adrienne Raupfer/IPFW '00 - Jenni Miller/Western Kentucky '00 - Lori Kemerer/Bowling Green University '00 - Lisa Lombardo/McNeese University '00 - Erin Heimann/Indiana University '00 - Susie Meshberger/Indiana State '01 - Chrissy Miller/Drake Univesity '01 - Stacy Zimmerman/University of Texas at El Paso '01 - Casey Bailey/Huntington College '02 - Stephanie Bishop/DePaul University '02 - Kristine Shubat/Virginia Tech '02 - Allison Kreagor/North Carolina State '02 - Carrie McCaw/University of Toledo '03 - Sarah Eckrich/Morehead State '03 - Peg Huls/Bethel College '03 - Jamie Hibbard/Florida State '03 - Brooke Minniear/University of St Louis '03 - Kristin Frye/Florida State '03 - Mallory Benson/Clemson University '03 - Erica Ringger/Western Kentucky University '04 - Jenae Dowling/University of Nebraska '04 (NCAA National Champions) - Angie Zent/Miami of Ohio University '04 - Lyndsey Stultz/University of New Hampshire '04 - Beth Heimann/Indiana University '04 - Melissa Elmer/University of Nebraska '05 (NCAA National Champions) - Erin Heffner/University of Alabama '05 - Emily Loomis/University of Notre Dame '05 - Carolyn Farny/University of Washington '06 (NCAA National Champions) - Brie Hagerty/Ohio State & University of Washington '06 (NCAA National Champions) - Megan Pollard/Indiana State '07 - Kelly Gibson/Depaul University '07 - Brigette Slack/University of Alabama '08 (Professional VB player in Germany)- Emily Bell/Wittenberg '08 (NCAA National Champions) - Allee Donaghy/Anderson University '08 - Jill DeArmond/Ohio University '09 - Brittany Rahr/Seton Hall '09 - Katie Kenline/Tennessee Tech '09 - Jessica Miller/IPFW '09 - Heather Garmire/Indiana State '09 - Jenny Keck/Kent State '10 - Rebekah Roehm/IPFW '10 - Jessica Berlin/Anderson University '10 - Jamie Schwartz/IPFW '10 -

In the past twenty-seven years

Two Hundred and Sixty-One

Ft Wayne Volleyball Club players
have gone on to play volleyball
at the collegiate level.

Class of 2016 (tba)

Jackie Quade University of Illinois
Taylor Smith University of Maryland

Class of 2015 (tba)

Emily Wenglikowski Central Michigan

Class of 2014

Gabby Hazen Northwestern University
Kalisha Goree Ohio State
Olivia Current University of Indianapolis
Katie Miller Indiana University Pennsylvania
Holly Hankenson University of Arkansas
Bailee Hankenson University of Arkansas
Jade Tindall Indiana/Purdue South Bend
Te'Ayla Whitfield University of Southern Indiana

Class of 2013

Somer Johnson Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Jamie Lacheta Valparaiso University
Oliva Hahn Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Grace Woolsey Grace College
Copeleigh Ortiz Youngstown State
Emily Murphy Vincennes University

Class of 2012

Maddie Mayers University of Illinois
Jenna Spadafora Ball State University
Allie Miller University of Louisville
Ave Stout Western Michigan
Abby Saalfrank Eastern Illinois
Rachel Weaver University of St Francis
Skylar Wright Indiana-Purdue Indianapolis
Laura Welling University of Maryville
Este Stoffel Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne


Emily Smith Ohio Northern
Jaclyn Fullove Ball State University
Natalie Decker University of New Hampshire
Beth Howard Indiana-Purdue Indianapolis
Calah Kruse Grace College
Jensen Carnahan Huntington College
Brie Anderson Tusculum College


Moriah Fair Indiana-Purdue Indianapolis
Molly Richardson Lake Erie College
Chelsea Rodgers University of St Francis
Carlie Crosbie Purdue Calumet
Katie Secrest University of St Francis
Allyssa Johnson Grace College
Daniele Hartman University of St Francis
Jorae Bradbury University of Southern Indiana
Erika Moss Tennessee State University
Anne Straudinger Newberry College


Haley Emenhiser Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Kourtney Wright Indiana-Purdue Indianapolis
Megan Wiler Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne


Emily Mayers Xavier University
Anna Chambers Hanover College
Lauren Blasi DePaul University
Ashley Dillon Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Krista Spearman Huntington University
Sarah Potter Concordia University @ Chicago
Catherine Farney Wittenberg University
Hannah Koeneman Lewis University
Nancy Weitfeldt Concordia University @ Chicago
Allee Donagy Anderson University
Claire Gastineau Hannibal LaGrange College (Missouri)


Shannon Voors Xavier University
Cortney Perrine University of St Francis
Lori Martin University of Southern Indiana
Kirsten Waterman Heidelberg College (Ohio)
Danielle Blevins Manchester College
Maegan Squibb Austin Peay State University
Lauren Terwilliger Mount Saint Joseph's
Melissa Gillum University of Indianapolis


Jenny Keck Kent State
KC DeVries Calvin College
Mallory Brooks University of St Francis
Jessica Smith University of St Francis
Michelle Moore Western Michigan
Lauren Bosworth Ashland University
Rebekah Roehm Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Jamie Schwartz Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Brooke Baker University of St Francis
Erin Doty Indiana Tech Fort Wayne
Ashley Manley Parkland College
Jessica Berlin Anderson University


Jill DeArmond Ohio University
Heather Garmire Indiana State
Jessica Miller Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Trisha Donaghy Huntington University
Megan McKinney Tennesse State University
Brittany Rahr Seton Hall
Katie Kenline Tennessee Tech
Amanda Wiley University of Saint Francis
Melissa Poore Marian College
Kelly Koontz Ashland University
Lindsay Wiley Elmhurst College
Lindsey Cloninger Azusa Pacific University
Ashtyn Humerickhouse Indiana Tech Fort Wayne
Shakira Sanders Arkansas Tech
Stephanie Craig Lakeland College
Ellyann Bahlman Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Alyssa Jackson Hampton University
Sarah Vancamp Urbana University
Molly Sullivan Ball State
Lacey Funk Indiana Tech Fort Wayne
Stephanie George Indiana Tech Fort Wayne
Katie Davis Indiana Tech Fort Wayne
Emily Wick Ashbury College
Chrystal McEvoy Indiana Tech Fort Wayne


Brigitte Slack University of Alabama
Jenny Vogelgesang University of Wyoming
Kamaria Alexander Austin Peay State University
Jessica Enterline University of St Francis
Emily Bell Wittenberg University
Sarah Ernst Calvin College
Jenny Cole Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Lauren Rudolph Washington and Lee University


Kelly Gibson DePaul University
Betsy Parkison University of St Francis
Shayla Warren Lakeland College/Dayton University
Jamie Krueckeberg University of St Francis
Jaelle Rodenbeck University of Concordia at Nebraska
Macy Vogelsang University of St Francis/Indiana Tech
Megan Pollard Indiana State
Ashlee Davis Concordia University at Wisconsin
Nicole Howell Indiana-Purdue Ft Wayne
Courtney Longardner University of St Francis


Brie Hagerty Ohio State / University of Washington
Carolyn Gruesbeck Butler University
Carolyn Farny University of Washington
Abby Fuelling University of St Francis
Jennifer Haslup Indiana/Purdue Ft Wayne
Sara Davis University of St Francis
Heidi Busch Mount Olive College at North Carolina
Amanda Bieberich Illinois Institute of Technology
Amber Brewer University of St Francis
Kristi Koomler Mount Olive College at North Carolina
Jenni Zeser DePauw University


Emily Loomis University of Notre Dame
Erin Heffner Univeristy of Alabama
Emily Hale Indiana State
Carli Humerickhouse University of St Francis
Kari Donaghy University of St Francis
Leann Gross University of Southern Indiana
Shayna Reincke University of St Francis
Amber Reitdorf Indiana Wesleyan
Sarah Davis University of St Francis
Melissa Elmer University of Nebraska


Zehra Mecuk Indiana/Purdue at Fort Wayne
Beth Heimann Indiana Univeristy
Lyndsey Stultz University of New Hampshire
Angie Zent Miami of Ohio University
Kari Krouse University of Tennesse at Chattanooga
Megan Garner Cornerstone University
Sarah Leffers Indiana/Purdue at Fort Wayne
Jenny Wingstrom DePauw University
Jenae Dowling University of Nebraska
Erica Ringger Western Kentucky University


Mallory Benson Clemson University
Andrea Krouse Indiana State
Kristin Frye Florida State
Jamie Meyer Virginia Tech
Jamie Hibbard Florida State
Brooke Minniear University of St. Louis
Peg Huls Bethel College
Sarah Eckrich Morehead State
Carrie McCaw University of Toledo
Stephanie Dubach Tennessee Martin


Allison Kreagor North Caroline State
Michelle Gruesbeck IUPUI
Sarah Tinkle Indiana Wesleyen
Sara Sparks IUPUI
Tara Harshbarger Ohio University
Kelly Moore Mississippi College
Kelly Carpenter Hillsdale College
Molly Daugherty Hillsdale College
Kristine Shubat Virginia Tech
Tracy Richards Goshen College
Lesley Lykins Indiana/Purdue Fort Wayne
Stephanie Bishop DePaul University
Casey Bailey Huntington College
Courtney Furrow University of St. Francis
Lisa Chard Ferris State
Jenny Mertz IUPUI
Jennifer Ross Ashland College
Audra Hodge Anderson College
Jenny Schwartz Bellarmine College
Lynsey Perkins University of St. Francis


Stacy Zimmerman University of Texas at El Paso
Chrissy Miller Drake University
Abby Hartup Middle Tennessee State
Mellisa Kinder Manchester College
Carly Messman University of Southern Indiana
Tami Isch Indiana-Purdue Fort Wayne
Rachel Sorg University of Indianapolis
Susie Meshberger Indiana State
Stephanie Goes Kenyon College
Emily Pilgrim University of Indianapolis
Mindy Mills University of Wisconsin/Parkside
Emily McIntosh University of Southern Indiana


Erin Heimann Indiana University
Lisa Lombardo McNeese State University
Stephanie Shubat        Anderson University
Julie Fisher Marshall University
Sarah Taylor St. Joseph's College
Jodi Schnelker Marshall University
Lori Kemerer Bowling Green University
Jenni Miller Western Kentucky
Courtney Boissenett University of Texas at San Antonio
Leslie Stamets Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Nicole Burns Coastal Carolina University
Adrienne Raupfer Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Athena Sherwood Liberty University
Allison Raver University of Southern Florida
Pam Huls                Cedarville College


Holly Schneider Florida State
Mary Franke Virginia Commonwealth
Angie Moeller Manchester College
Dawn Leon University of Evansville
Rachel Smith Morehead State
Jamie Hales Miami of Ohio
Samantha Walker Georgia State
Molly Ferber Point Loma Nazarene College
Starr Trahin Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Tiffany Richmond Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Abby Hendricks Manchester College
Sarah Busche Glen Oaks College
Lisa Schultz Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Megan Bechdol St. Francis
Brian Harris Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne


Angie Harris            Notre Dame
Amy Luben               Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Susan Johnson           Florida State
Jennifer Knapp Tri-State University
Becky Inman Ball State Univerisity
Tiffany Martin Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Andi Reichart Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Shannon Alspaugh Parkland College
Lydia Kelsey Tri-State University
Kim Teeters St. Francis College
Shelby Bonifas Southwestern Michigan
Amber Borne Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Carla Geirhan Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Heather Cox Butler University
Sarah Welch             Marian College


Tammy Juergens University of Texas
Michelle Holland Kent State
Heather Luben Youngstown State
Kim Osborne Univ. of North Carolina/Ashville
Robin Schuller Univ. of North Carolina/Greensboro
Nikki Taylor Memphis State
Molly Dunderman Western Illinois
Terra Garoutte University of Missouri
Denise Johnson Calvin College
Julie Parrot Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Wendy Walleen Adrian College
Torrence Wilson Georgia State
Sasha Spangler St. Francis
Jodi Walcutt St. Francis


Kelly Harris Arizona State
Kristin Baxter Western Carolina
Bridget Branning Tri-State University
Brijin Hales Montevallo
Katie Lagoni Oberlin College
Julie Meshberger Indiana State
Heather Teagarden Indiana-Purdue at Fort Wayne
Sara Stronczek St. Mary's College


Shari Kemerer Morehead State
Laura Welch             University of Indianapolis