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    " My life and my cultural identity carve the directions of my expressions. Inspirations for expression emerge around and within me. I want my creative concerns to be relevant to my times, imbibing local, regional and universal consciousness. I want to express these in my own creative visual imagery.

    I want to evolve and leave behind  creative visual symbols as references of our times__ creative visual symbols to bridge the gaps in continuity of our cultural identity__ creative visual symbols for use  in the epics of our times.
    I think in colour and achieve 'Sthai Bhava ' to accomplish creativity in my paintings.

    During my career, as a free - lance painter, I have painted, series of paintings on the themes of Mother and Child,Prisoners, Haley's Comet, Visit to the valley of flowers, Eternal Bird,Human Landscape, Naika,Kamdhenu, Dancing Horse, Kinnari, Hatyogini Shakti, Kali ___all these tittles which I have given to my creative visual expressions converge on " Being a Woman" and the unequal relationships which exist in the Society.

    I am an optimist. I want to fly over the mountains, the valleys, the rivers, the lotus pond___ On the beach, full of arms holding stones in the hands, I will go on making my paper boat to go to the rainbow horizon. When I will reach there, the stones, in the hands will become flowers, I hope".

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