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         "This show stands apart, with the most significant aspect being the energy emanating from these images. Consider an installation by Gogi Saroj Pal: nine depictions of goddess Kali, who, as her name implies, devours Time. Terrifying in her black nakedness, she rides the tiger and performs physical exercises of Hatha Yoga,an esoteric Tantric practice,from which power accrues to the body. In each version the goddess rides her animal vehicle, which imparts its power to her. The energy intensifies through her yogic postures which are exercises almost exclusive to the males, attempted only by few women, who are known as yoginis.

        Decoded, this gives several messages at once.Here is goddess - as - woman, and here is woman - as - goddess.Within each woman lies the ability to become the goddess and to assume power, both physical and spiritual. This is innate to spiritual belief and Indian sensibility and it is described as Shakti. Gogi's goddess revels in the game of power, she cavorts and turns the world up side down; she shines black against pungent yellow or green. Implicit in her actions  is a sense of mischief at play with the world _quite different from what you might expect of the goddess Kali.

      " A new iconography" Geeti Sen on 'Women Artists of India: A celebration of Independence" exhibition held at Mills College, California.

         "Gogi Saroj Pal, for instance, in her characteristic miniaturist coloration, appears in a scivvy, with whiffs of airy clouds on her body and against the red background with patches of green, her hair tied up with a blue bandanna, looking eagerly up through a pair of dark glasses __her independent view of the world around and she holds in her hands one of her creations. It is the pair of glasses and the posture of self-absorption that reveal her own role as an artist.

                "Unmasking"__ Santo Datta on the group show of conceptual self-portraits organised by Om Gallery, new Delhi.


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