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Gogi Saroj Pal
1945: Born at Neoli, UP.
1961-62: Studied at College of Art, Vanasthali, Rajasthan.
1962-67: Diploma in Painting, College of Art; Lucknow.
1968-69: Vocational student for postgraduate study in painting, College of Art; Delhi

1978-79-81: Group "8" Medals at All India Graphic- Prints Exhibition, Chandigarh & New Delhi
1980: Sarnskriti Award, Delhi.
1981-82: Fellowship of Lalit Kala Akademi, Garhi Artists' Studios, New Delhi.
1986-88: Fellowship, Department of Culture, New Delhi
1987: Jury's Commendation Certificate in the First International Biennial of Plastic Arts in Algeria.
1990: National Award, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
1995: l2th Cleveland lnternational Drawing Biennial, Middlesbrough, U.K
Participation in International Exhibitions

1975: International Women' s Exhibition, New Delhi.
1980: Third World Print Biennial, London & Baghdad
1981-83: l4th & 15th print Biennial, Lubjiyana, Yugoslavia.
1982: Bedford Print Biennial, England
1982: 5th Triennale, India - participated by contributing an "Installation".
1982: International Print Biennial, Cuba
1984: International Print Biennial, Trino, Rome
1985: International Painting Festival, Cogne-su-Mer, France.
1986-92: International Biennial, Dhaka, Bangladesh
1986: Indian Graphic Print Exhibition in Finland, Germany & Yugoslavia.
1987: Indian Art Exhibition, Japan & South Korea
1988: 'Print making in India' Exhibition shown in many cities in United States. Compiled by Paul Lingren
1988: Paintings of Indian Women Artists, India Festival in USSR, Moscow
1988: `Work on Paper, exhibition of Graphic Prints by Indian Artists, Frankfurt, Germany.
1989: Contemporary Paintings, from India, organised by `Art Wave, New York
1991: Group Show Kunsthalle Maine, Maine, Germany
1991: A group show of Indian Artists, Lotus Gallery, Amsterdam
1991: A group show of Two Indian Women Artists, Schoo's Art Gallery, Amsterdam.
1992: Exhibition of Paintings, Bilder Aus Indien, Hamburg, Germany

1992: "To Encounter Others", An international exhibition of contemporary art at Kassel/Hann Munden, Germany which coincided with Documenta 9 _ contributed an installation "Swayambram".
1993: `A Critical Difference', an exhibition of contemporary Indian art shown at six art centers in U.K. - Funded by Charles Wallace Art Trust and British Council.
1993: Contemporary Indian Art, Yokohama, Japan.
1993: ``Sihanvlokan - Red Saryu has Eyes" - lnstallation in 8th Triennale - India.
1994: Participated in the International River Front, Liverpool Festival _ Designed and hoisted a flag.
1995-96:  Installation in the "Inside Out", an exhibition of Indian Women Artists at Middlesbrough, U.K. Funded by Charles Wallace Art Trust
1997: ' Women Artists of India _a celebration of Indian Independence ' at the Mills College Art Gallery, Oakland, USA.
1997: Exhibition of recent paintings at Kalart Gallery,San Francisco, USA
1997: Group exhibition titled ' Kali ' at Tropical Museum, Amsterdam
1998: Exhibition of recent paintings at de Bijenkorf organised by Holland Art Gallery & Gallery Foundation for Indian Artists, Amsterdam

Artists' Workshops & Camps

1977: Graphic Prints Workshop, Lalit Kala Akademi's Garhi Studios, New Delhi.
1978: Artists' Camp organised by Punjab University Museum at Kasauli.
1979: Graphic Prints Workshop, organised by Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
1981: Graphic Prints Workshop, Santiniketan
1981: Graphics (woodcut) workshop, Chandigarh _ Conducted by Carol Summers.
1983: Graphic Prints Workshop, Faculty of Art, Baroda University
1985: Graphic Workshop, Lalit Kala Akademi, Garhi Studios _ Conducted by Krishna Reddy.
1989: Artists' Camp, Srinagar organised by N.Z.C.C
1990: Artists' Camp, Karna Lake organised by Sahitya Kala Parishad
1995: International lnstallation Workshop on Art and Ecology organised by Max Muller Bhawan, New Delhi
1998: Artist's camp organised by Alembic Chemicals, Vadodra
1998: Uttarayan, Sculptors Camp, Vadodra.

Solo Exhibitions 

1969: Oil Paintings at Delhi Silpi Chakra, New Delhi
1972: Water Colours at Triveni Gallery, New Delhi
1975: Water Colours at Black Partridge Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1979: Graphic Prints at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi
1981: Oil Paintings at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi.
1982: Oil Paintings at Sarla Art Gallery, Madras
1982: Paintings & Graphic Prints at Vithi Art Gallery, Baroda
1982: Oil Paintings, Ceramics & Graphic Prints at Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay
1986: Oil Paintings at Art Heritage, New Delhi
1986: Graphic Prints, Montreal, Canada
1986: Paintings at Chemould Art Gallery, Bombay
1987: Gouache' Paintings, Gallery Aurobindo, New Delhi
1988: Oil Paintings at Kala Yatra, Sista Art Gallery, Bangalore.
1988: Acrylic and Gouache' Paintings at Gallery 'Rohtas', Rawalpindi, Pakistan
1989: Gouache' Paintings, Kala Yatra; Sista Art Gallery, Bangalore
1989: Gouache' Paintings of the series, Eternal Bird, Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi.
1990: Paintings and Prints, Westmount Public Library, Westmount, Canada
1990: Gouache' and Acrylic Paintings at Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay
1990: Water colour Paintings (1972-73) as a support activity to Safdar Hashmi Memorial Festival at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1991: Gouache and Acrylic paintings from the series, "Home Coming" and "A Visit to the Valley of Flowers " at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1991: Painted Pottery and Bonsai Pots at the Artists Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1991: Miniature format paintings to form part of the "Installation " later shown in Germany & U.K. in 1992 at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1992: Miniature format paintings to form part of Installation, later shown in Germany & U.K., in 1992 at the Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay
1992: 'Kinnari', gouache' paintings at Alliance Francaise, New Delhi
1993: Exhibition of Paintings organised by Anwar Siddiqui in London
1994: Miniature Format Paintings at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1994: Display of the Installation, "Swayambram" at the Max Mueller Bhawan, New Delhi
1995: Exposition of recent paintings and two Installations at the 'Art Today', art gallery, New Delhi.1996: 'Icons of Womanhood', gouache' paintings at ARKS Gallery, London.

Group Exhibitions

1965: Exhibition of Graphic Prints, Lucknow
1965-68: Participated in U.P. Lalit Kala Academy's Exhibitions
1967: Participated in U.P. Lalit Kala Akademi's Exhibition at New Delhi & the Women Artists Exhibition.
1967: National Exhibition, Art & Craft Society, Calcutta.
1968: Group Show of Paintings, Delhi Silpi Chakra, New Delhi
1971: Group Show of Water Colours organised by UN Council of Indian Youth, New Delhi.
1976-90: Participated in the annual National Exhibitions organised by Lalit Kala Akademi.
1978: Exhibition of Graphic Prints by Artists working in Garhi Studios, New Delhi.
1979: Small Format Paintings' exhibition organised by Lalit Kala Akademi on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee Celebrations
1980: Six Women Painters, at Indus Gallery, Karachi.
1981-84: Participated in the Exhibition, organised by Karnataka Akademi of Arts, Bangalore.
1982: Five Women Painters, Shridharani Gallery, New Delhi.
1983: Exhibition of works of artists of 'KARU' group at Baradari, Garhi Studios, New Delhi.
1984: Group Show at Cymroza Art Gallery, Bombay.
1984: Group Show at Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay.
1984: Contemporary Print - Making in India, Jehangir, Art Gallery, Bombay.
1986: Exhibition of paintings by contemporary Indian Women Artists, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
1987: Exhibition of sculptures by contemporary Indian Women Sculptors, National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
1987: Group Show of Serigraph-Prints at Triveni Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1989: Group Show at Village Gallery, New Delhi.
1989: Contemporary Artists from Delhi, Sakshi Gallery, Madras.
1990: Conceptual Self-portraits, Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi.
1990: Group Show at Kala Yatra, Bangalore.
1990: Group Show of self-portraits, Chemould Art Gallery, Bombay.
1990: Exhibition of National Award Winning Works, Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi.
1990: A group exhibition on the occasion of the visit of Nelson Mandela at the Little Theater Group Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1990: A group show along with Ved Nayar at the Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi.
1990: Participated in a group show organised by `Sehmat' on the occasion of Janotsav'.
1991: Participated in a group show on the Year of Girl Child' organised by Shruti, the Art Gallery of Maurya Sheraton Hotel, New Delhi.
1991: Participated in a group exhibition and auction organised by Helpage India at Jehangir Art Gallery. _conducted by Aspery, London.
1991: Group Exhibition of Works in the collection of CMC.
1991: Group Show of Ceramics at Artist Studio Gallery as complimentary activity to the "Colour of the Earth" exhibition organised by the British Council.
1992: Group exhibition organised by Sparrow, Bombay.
1992: The Expressive Line, Art Age presentation, Calcutta.
1993: "Wounds" organised by CIMA at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi.
1993: Exhibition for Maharashtra earthquake relief, organised by the Faculty of Art, Baroda.
1993: Exhibition organised by CRY at Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi.
1993: "More than a decade ago, the Artist's Choice" organised by the Display Gallery, New Delhi.
1993: "Four Women Artists"; LTG Art Gallery, New Delhi.
1994: "The Blind Eye", paintings in weaving - participated in a Group Show at L.T.G. Gallery, New Delhi.
1994: "The Blind Eye', paintings in gouache' on paper - participated in the Miniature Format Exhibition, organised by CIMA, Calcutta
1994: Paintings in Weaving', a group show at Artist Studio Gallery, New Delhi
1995: Participated in the exhibition organised by the ``People for Animals" at Taj Palace, New Delhi
1995: Invited to participate in an exhibition on 'BOMBAY' organised by RPG
1997: '50 years of Indian Independence' _a group show organised by Vadhera Art Gallery at the National Gallery of Modern Art
1997: ' Self and the World ' exhibition of Indian Women Artists organised by Gallery Espace at the National Gallery of Modern Art
1997: ' Post - Independence Art Trends ' organised by Lalit Kala Akademi.
1997: ' The Looking Glass -Self ' _a group show at Lakeeren Art Gallery, Mumbai
1998: ' Unmasking ' _a group show of conceptual self - portraits organised by Om Gallery, New Delhi.

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