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Troop 460

Good day everyone, this is the web page of Troop 460. We are based in Fort Wayne, Indiana and we are out of The United Methodist Church of the Covenant. We believe highly in perfecting our outdoor and leadership skills and the interaction between the younger and older scouts. Our troop is great for those who love to camp. We go camping year round except in December, because of the holiday. During our meetings we work on our outdoor skills like, Lashings, Fire Building, Orienteering, First Aid, Shelter Building, and more. When we go camping we use everyone of these skills. This troop is not easy, but once you know your skills you will never forget them. Becoming a Troop 460 eagle is a great accomplishment. Feel free to enjoy our site, if you have any comments please feel free to e-mail me.


Since Matt has become an eagle scout and can no longer update the page, I am in charge of the page. My name is Dan and as of now I am the rank of Second Class. During the next week or so, I will update the page a lot, add some pictures, and finish some of the lists Matt started. The page will be updated about every 2 weeks and there will be pictures from every campout we go on (as long as we don't forget the camera). Until I can find a better one, this Raccoon Cube will be our mascot. I am still looking for an animated gif of a raccoon, and if anyone has one, please e-mail it to me.


A new Troop 460 website is being built at the moment. It will have updated features, be easier to navigate, and look a lot more professional. The estimated time to completion is unknown.>

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