This page is dedicated to my favourite musician in the whole world, who happens to be Björk !

Of course, I am not the only one in the World who likes Björk, I'm absolutely sure!

So this page is also dedicated to all her fans and lovely people out there !

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This page is much like the last one I did, but it will be updated more regularly with my opinions and comments, instead of news. I'll put just the little things in life that I observe daily about the world, and how it connects to Bjork songs.

I'm doing this because I think Bjork is well in tune with this thing called life, and her music and lyrics reflect that.

So the things you'll find here are the reflections and ideas that run thrugh a person who listens to Bjork and goes, hey, I understand that!!! I can identify and see what she means by what she sings, while most other people hear Bjork and don't get it or are simply listening to Bjork because she is cute or has a cute voice, which she does, but that's not what makes me appreciate Bjork, okay?

Those of you interested in information are welcome to check out my Bjork Cafe, but this is strictly a observational type page. Now that I've said all that, check out the New page!


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