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Board at MVS


About a day after you send it, you will get a welcome letter and a boarder number. Don't loose it!You'll need it later on until you stop boarding at MVS.

Boarding at MVS:
This is just an overview/description of what to send. See bottom for the copy/paste form.

*Your Name
*Your Email
*Each Horse's: Name (show or everyday), Age, Gender, Disciplines, and Status (normal, pregnant, injured, ill, etc.) and if Status is not "normal" then please explain
*The barn you want each horse in: you may place different horses in different barns, just be aware of the fees on putting horses in the Injured/Broodmare Barns (2.99 or $5 fee)
*The type of boarding plan you want for each horse, any discounts (the number) that apply to you^^
*Number of months you're boarding at MVS
*Grand Total-the total cost of your stay including the boarding plan(s), number of horses, barn fees (injured and broodmare), any discounts, etc. (Basically, there should be no math to deal with after this)


Your Name:
Your Email:
Horse's Name:
Horse's Age:
Horse's Gender:
Horse's Disciplines:
Horse's Status:
Horse's Barn Placement:
Horse's Boarding Plan:
Discount number(s):
Number of months boarding at MVS:

Thank you for choosing to board at Midnight Valley Stables. You will recieve a welcome letter that contains a boarder # that you will need in the future.

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