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Facilities and Information

MVS rests on a full 500 acres of green grass and a patch of wooded area for cross country.


There are 500 acres of land with any equine-related facilities. There are 14 types of barns, 2 of each barn. Each horse barn can hold 15 horses. Beside each barn is a tack room and a field. The 7 types of horse barns are:
  • Stallion Barn-14'X15' stalls
  • Foals/Training Barn-13'X13' stalls
  • Mare Barn-13'X14' stalls
  • Broodmare Barn-16'X16' stalls
  • Mare/Foal Barn-17'X18' stalls
  • Weanling-12'X12' stalls
  • Injured Barn-15'X16' stalls

There are also 18 other indoor barns, with an attached outdoor arena that aren't for boarding; they are for riding only! Each barn has specific items, obstacles, etc. set up in each. There are 3 hunter/jumper barns (with standard jumps that can be rearranged), 3 recreation barns (small poles, polo equipment, gymkhanas equipment, cones, etc.), 3 training barns (reinforced walls and an "escape platform" that can be used when a horse gets too out of control), and 9 standard barns (nothing specific in them).
There is 45 acres of a cross country course hidden in the wooded area including jumps and water obstacles. 2 one mile racetracks border the eastern edge of MVS. One is dirt and the other is turf. Each one has a marker that marks an eighth of the track.
All together,MVS can hold 210 horses.

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