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Stallion Barns~This is where you can keep your stallions/geldings.

Mare Barns~This is where you keep your mare.

Broodmare Barns~This is where you keep your broodmares.When your mare has a foal, we wait about 3 days then move them into the mare with foals barn.

Mare/Foal Barns~This is where we keep all the mares and foals.

Foals/Training~This is where we keep all the foals and horses that are in training.

Injured~This is where we keep injured/ill horses. Any horse that has an injury or illness that we or you feel needs to be specially cared for will be moved to this barn. Cases that will be moved here immediately are horses with colic, split hoof/hooves, broken limb, or any contagious illness.

Weanling~This is where we keep the foals separated from their mothers

There is a $30 fee for a horse put into the broodmare or injured barn.

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