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The Qasida 

By: Hazrat-i-Aqdas, Hujjatul Islam, and Maulana Muhammad Qasim Sahib.


Why may the nightingale not sing when the new flowers are blooming in the gardens.

The spring gives to everybody a gift of his ability; some select the flowers, some like the new leaves, while others prefer the thorns.

The garden birds are singing sweetly because of the joy; and the trees are clapping with their leaves.

O Lord! Thou hath cooled down the heat of the fire of heart; Thou art even Kind upon the enemies.

Thou appreciate the particles of dust, because of which the persons who were the enemy are now Thy lovers.

Thou art so Merciful that Thou granted a high position to the tree of Musa (Moses) which ultimately became the center of Thy Splendor.

Because of Thy Splendor on the Tree the whole garden has turned pink and even  the color has penetrated in the green leaves of Mahndi.

Even the Tree of Paradise can not reach the position of the tree of Tur (where Musa spoke to Allah), similarly as the abode of friends can not take the place of the comfortable residence.

The difference between the heaven and earth: The earth bears the weight of all the people while the heaven is (a weight) on their heads.

The sun and the moon of the sky, and the days and nights of the earth are ashamed before the particles of dust of Muhammad’s (peace be upon Him) place.

Though Isa (Jesus) and Idris are alive in heaven but look the fortune of the earth that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is alive on it (in His grave).

Though there is everything in the heaven, but nothing like Ahmad (peace be upon Him).

Even though there may be nothing on the earth, but Muhammad (peace be upon Him) is there.

O Muhammad!  Praise him only and leave the praise of all other things whether it is the garden or the greeneries, or the flowers.

O my Lord! Nobody is able to praise him (the Holy Messenger) because of Thy great love with him.

If Thou hath not created him the universe would not have been created (and then nobody might have been able to enjoy it).

There is no comparison between the personality (of the Holy Messenger) and our intelligence, as the Light of Allah cannot be compared with the light of our weeping eyes.

The light of the intellect is dark before the light of his personality, and the tongue is numb to talk his praise (his praise is far beyond than to be talked about).

My thoughts cannot reach the stage for which even great intellectuals of the universe do not dare to talk.

I could compose a few couplets in his praise only if the Ruhul-Qudus (Jibrail) helped me.

(O Messenger of Allah) You are the glory of both the worlds, the cream of the earth's and heavens, the leader and the commander of the army of the Messengers (all of the Messengers).

(O Messenger of Allah!) If other Messengers are like the flowers, you are the scent of the flowers; and if they are like the Sun, you are its light.

If they are the life of the world, you are its soul and spirit; if they are the awakened eyes, you are the light of those eyes.

All the universe is in existence only because of you (O Messenger of Allah).  If somebody says that you are the center of the universe, he is right.

All the things came into origin from nothing only because of you (O Messenger of Allah) and you were having the speed of the light (because of that speed the universe originated fast).

All the qualities of the worlds are gathered in your personality but there is none of them in anyone, besides a very few (qualities) in few persons.

No Messenger could ever reach to your high position; even those who were having lots of miracles were helpless before you.

O Messenger of Allah! Even the Messengers desired to be among your followers. Had Allah not intended to create you, He may not have touched the spiritless body of the father of Man (Adam) to give it life.

Musa (Moses) was desirous to see Allah, and Allah was desirous for you.

The height of the mountain in Tur cannot touch the height of your Miraj (Ascension) as the earth cannot touch the sky.

The beauty of Yusef (Joseph) cannot touch the height of your Miraj (Ascension) as the earth cannot touch the sky.

The veil of humanity covered your personality and nobody could recognize you as a friend of Allah.

Your privacy and your relation with Allah as His beloved was far beyond the qualities of the angels and also the offices of Messengerhood.

The moon could not get your beauty and elegance even for a night, though it ascended and descended millions of times.

I am really fortunate to be related with you (being your follower), but the fact is that you are the best and I am the worst.

Your excellencies are far beyond than my vices (my vices are numerous but your excellencies are more than that); you are the king of all the righteous people.

Because of you it is possible that He may count the sins of your Ummah as the devotions.

(And as such)  The sins of your Ummah would be sold for millions and millions of pardons.

Though Qasim is a sinner and blemished yet he is proud of being a devotee as he relies on you.

The (sinner) fears the Divine wrath but your intercession is actually Allah’s forgiveness (because Allah will allow the Holy Messenger to intercede for that person for whom He would like).

On hearing that you are the intercessor for sinner, I have collected a huge amount of sins (so that they might be counted as devotions).

He has given so much relaxation because of you (O Messenger of Allah) that man commits sins and the angels repent for him.

The Almighty’s consent takes so much care of your prayer that even the firm destiny has been ignored for its answer.

Though I am the worst sinner yet I am yours; though I am blemished but people call me yours.

Because of huge amount of sins even the dogs treat my name like an abuse but I am proud of your name and your relationship.

You are the best of all the creatures and I am the worst.  You are the glory of both the worlds and I am a mean servant.

I desire a long time to beg something if I reach your door.  (But)  How Qasim could reach that threshold which is so high that even the heaven is low before it.

Almighty has granted you such a high position that you are the leader of all the superiors and all the inferiors.

If you do not care for us  there is no one to bother about and nobody to be sympathetic with us.

Satan, the worst dog, is chasing me, and the inordinate appetites are like the snake around my neck.

The boat of my hopes is surrounded by the waves of fear and confidence, and I desire that my name may be included as a dog of (the streets of) Madinah.

May I live with the dogs of your Haram and when I die may my corpse be eaten by the vultures of Madinah.

My dust (after death) may be flown in the air and be scattered on the Holy Tomb of Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Surely the dust of Qasim does not hold such position that it may be scattered in your streets.

Though I am not so fortunate yet I desire that my heart may be filled with your and Allah’s love.

The arrow of your love may puncture my heart and it may be broken into thousands of pieces.

(I desire that) The fire of the love may enlighten my heart and that fire may burn my esteem.

May I bitterly cry out of your love, my body may be absorbed in it, and the rivers of tears may come out of them.

I do not desire the office of Shaikhul Masha’ikh and the delights of this world.

May any of your gestures penetrate my heart as it divided the moon into two pieces.

(Now the poet addressed himself )  Take care of you and do not cross the limits; be firm and talk vigilantly.

This is the place of respect, keep silence and close you mouth; if you are ignored do not insist.

Now ask blessings upon him ( The Last Messenger) and upon his descendants, respect the personality of (The Holy Last Messenger) who may be pleased with you.

O Lord!  Send blessings upon Him ( The Last Messenger) and upon His descendents in such a number which may not be counted.

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