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The Official Disgruntled Postalworkers Idiot Page

Pictures And Stuff

Brad Lamen
Rex Postal
Sammy Terry
Pics of the band
Links To Stuff.
Anti-TDP Website (the funniest thing ever!!)

Upcoming Shows For The Workers

You've managed to come across the Official disgruntled postalworkers homepage. We're a dumb punk band from Columbus,IN.We like pro wrestling a lot, so much that Brad is a wrestler. He has two tag titles right now.
We're influenced by the Ramones, the Queers,the Nobodys, Green Day, and more, so that gives ya an idea of where we come from.
We now have pictures that you can look at to see how hideous we are! Email us at, or You can also write to us at TDP PO Box 65 Taylorsville, IN 47280. Later.

The Official TDP Hate Poll
Do You Hate The Disgruntled Postalworkers?

Yes, They are the biggest homos I've ever seen.
Kinda. They seem pretty lame.
Not really. I don't know them, so why should I judge them?
No. They are pretty good guys.
Not at all!!! I love them and wanna be their groupie. (leave emai

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EMAIL US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This The Ramones Webring site owned by Rex Postal.

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