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Me chillin in a room down the hall

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Hey whats up? Welcome to my page. This is my page of useless stuff you always wanted to know about me. Anyways, Im a graduate of Munster High School class of '98. Back at Munster, I ran cross country for two years and was a swimmer for four years. Im now a biology major at Indiana University. Im gonna try to get into med school one of these days. Most of my time now is spent rowing for IU Crew. I picked up rowing in the spring of my freshman year, and because of a slight mishap, I missed the fall season my sophmore year. I came back strong this past semester and am hooked to rowing for life. The rest of my free time is spent jamming out on my guitar. Other than that, I work out everyday and am always picking up some new sport. Well, thats about it for me for now. This is just a start so I'll get some cool stuff on here eventually.

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