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Pentecost (also called The Feast Of Weeks) took place seven weeks - fifty days after the Passover (hence 'Pente' meaning 50).

This joyful festival occurred during mid summer and marked the end of the barley harvest. Even though it lasted for only one day, many Jews came to Jerusalem to join in the ceremonies in the temple.Two loaves were made from new grain and offered to the Lord. There was much dancing and singing of psalms and all the men joined in.

It was fifty days after the Resurrection. On the Feast of Pentecost that the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and filled them with an earnest desire to share their new found faith in the risen Lord.This marked the birth of the church and to this day, Pentecost is recognised and celebrated as the day when the Holy Spirit came upon the disciples effecting profound change, keenness and boldness. Pentecost is celebrated as the birthday of the church.

Pentecost is a reminder that "to share is a most important feature of our faith and like the apostles of old, as soon as we have discovered the stirrings of the spirit within us, we too want to give it away to our friends and all we meet."


The Seven Gifts Of The Spirit Are

+ Wisdom

+ Understanding

+ Counsel

+ Inward Strength

+ Knowledge

+ True Godliness

+ Holy Fear (Reverence & True Religion)


Symbols Of Pentecost

Tongues of fire
-      The symbol of the power of the Holy Spirit.

A sailing ship -         Representing the church

A pomegranate -       Because of the unity of the many seeds in the one fruit,
                                 it is said to resemble the church.

The Dove -                Most traditional symbols of the Holy Spirit (Luke 3. vs 21&22)

The Seven Lamps -  The gifts of the spirit

The font -                   A symbol of our baptism into the body of Christ, the Church

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