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This section of my page is about the star wars characters.

Character Info

Below is list of most of the main Star Wars characters and a little background information about them.

Luke Skywalker

Son of Anikan Skywalker, last of the jedi and hope of the rebel aliance. He is a jedi like his father before him. Student of Obi-wan and Yoda, luke has mastered the skills of a jedi. He is troubled with the fact that Vader is his father, and that he must kill Vader in order to save his freinds. So instead of trying to kill Vader, he tries to change him back to the light side of the force. He eventualy managed to bring him back from the darkside, but by that time it was already to late.

Princess Leia

Prominent leader of the struggling alliance. Former member of the imperial senate. Very independent, gets herself in over her head, and still dosent want any help. Sister of Luke Skywalker, and daughter of Anikan Skywalker. Tries to hide her intimate feelings toword han solo, but in the end gives up.

Han Solo

Smuggler and scoundrel. His piloting abilites have become legend in the rebellion. Has a bounty on his head, from jaba the hut, untill he is taken to Jaba's palace, frozen in carbonite, and has his freinds rescue him. During the rescue Jaba's palace is destroyed along with the bounty that has haunted Han.

Lando Calrissian

Gambler. Former owner of the Millennium Falcon. Despite a notorious past. has become a successful chief administrator of Tibanna gas mining facility. Han's freind untill Han is decived by him. Lando Makes a deal and sells Han, and Han's freinds, to the empire, in exchange for getting left alone by the empire. The empire then uses Han, and Han's freinds, as a bait to lure, Luke Skywalker into a trap.


Chewy is a 200 year old wokkie. He is very loayal to his freinds, never letting them down, chewy is always there to help. Somtimes he gets frustrated when he is trying to repare the falcon. Han is chewys life long companion. After han saved his life, chewy was sworn to protect han at any cost, even it it ment his own life.


Knowing well over 2 million forms of comunication, this Cybernetic, Comunications, drod can come in very handy. Even if he is more annoying then helpfull. He is always overly cautious, nomatter what the situation may be. He is also always ready to give the odds of surviving any given situation.


R2d2 is a astromech droid. Meaning he is soposed to ride in a spaceship and help the pilot with flying, setting destinations, and anyother problems that might occur during both battle, and regular flights. R2d2 is a fiesty little droid always beeping his own oppinion about whats going on. Him an C3Po have had many journeys together. They have survived many tragedies, and still live to tell there tales.


Obi-wan has a very mysterious passed and it is not very well explained in the existing movies. He thought he could instruct Darth Vader just as well as Yoda could. He was wrong. He fought in the clone wars, along with Lukes father Anikan Skywalker. Obi-wan was a good pilot, but he got to old to continue fighting. After he had learn the ways of the force and fought in the clone wars, he decided to try and teach Anikan skywalker the ways of the force. Now he is forced to find somone who can stop Darth Vaders evil rath of destruction.

Owen & Beru

Lukes anut and uncle. Owen tryes to hide lukes fathers past from him, in fear that luke will follow the same path as his father. Owen is lukes fathers brother. Beru is a kind woman. She is in favor of luke leaveing tattonie and going on to join the rebels, to help fight agains the evil empire. Owen leads luke to belive that his father was killed in the clone wars, when really lukes father had not died but had become Darth Vader, a copletly diferent man. So in a way Owen was not lieing to Luke when he told him that his father was dead, because in a way Anikan(lukes father) was dead. I like the way Obi-Wan put it, "Vader was seduced by the dark side of the force, when that happend the good man, who was your father was destroyed."

Darth Vader/Anikan Skywalker

Darth Vader is mostly michine, he has lost many parts thru battle, like Obi-Wan said "he's more michine now than man, Twisted and evil". Darth Vader is the former student of Obi-wan. He was seduced by the darkside of the force. Well acutally, Anikan was seduced by the dark side then he bacame darth vader. When he became darth vader the good man inside of him was destroyed and the crule side of him was shown. He then(after he became darth vader) sought to extinguish all of the jedi. He made one exeption, his son luke skywalker. Darth Vader thought it would be a better idea to turn luke to the dark side then to kill him. This would be Darth Vaders undoing. When luke refused to be turned to the dark side and become an evil agent of the empire, Darth Vader told him the truth about his own father, he said "Obi-wan never told you what happend to your father". "He told me enough, he told me you killed him". luke said. "No luke I am your father!". Luke was stund by this sudden change. He at first refused to belive it but later he gave in to his feelings, and relized that Vader really was his father, and that he needed to destroy Vader.


The emperor, the sign of evil, and the dark side of the force. Stong is the dark side, and even stronger is the emperor. He was (in the end), betraied by his own apprentice, Darth Vader. While the emperor was busy shooting lightning out of his finger tips, and killing luke, Vader was busy getting turn back from the dark side. Vaders last effort spent was to save luke from the emperors rath. Vader died after coming in contact with the emperor and his lightning. After the Emperor was dead the Imperial goverment began falling apart, it needed a dark jedi to help run it.


Tarkin was the Imperial Govenor of the Seswenna Sector. Conceived and implemented the Death Star project. A leader in the effort to crush the Rebellion. He gave the order to destroy alderan, Princess leia's home world. He dided on the death star. If he wasnt so cocky of his flying death michine, maybe he wouldent have died. If he would have listen to Chief Bast when he said, "We've analized there attack sir, and there is a danger, shall I have your ship standing by?". Tarkin replied "Evacuate in our momment of triumph, I think you overestimate there chances".

Boba fett

Feared bounty hunter. Collected bounties on Han Solo from both the Empire and Jaba the hutt. He took pleasure in using Han Solo's friend to capture him. He sold Han's frozen body to jaba the hutt. This eventualy lead to Jabas death, And the destrution of Jaba's Palace.

Jaba The Hutt

Jaba is a gangster. He has a palace on tatooine. He is like a big fat slug. He seems to take a liking to Princess Leia, even though she is the one who kills him. His palace is destroyed by luke. Jaba underestimated luke, and that is what really lead to his death.

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