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Snow Qn's Scopes!!

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Hello!! Welcome to my addiction, audioscopes!! On this page you will find the work of many talented people. You must have a webtv to discover the wonders of audioscopes they arent visible to a computer! Please feel free to let me know what you think of this page by signing my guestbook please! If you would like your audioscope site added feel free to email me at Have a nice stay!
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These Are Links To Some Scope Tutorials And Some Fellow Scope Addicts Pages!

Scoop On Scopes! This is Chardonnay1's tutorial. A great place to start!!
C-wits Scope Page
Crickey2's Audioscope Links
Knoc's Audioscope Art
JoJo's Audioscopes
Slo Mo's Audioscopes

Here are some pictures with scope borders

Winnie the pooh picture with scope border very colorful
Sailormoon picture I scoped this one for my kids They are huge Sailormoon Fans
My personal favorite a beautiful fairy picture
A Beautiful Angel Picture (background moves)

Here are my audioscopes

My very first real scope, a flag
My second audioscope! My kids helped create this one so I hope you enjoy it!! Home Sweet Home
Steelers Rule!!! Check this one out it is cool!!