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October 8th 2006
Show coming up in November at Galactic Boutique. May be an opening November 3rd. Hope to see you there!
Oh so as I come to the end of my second project at Microsoft I was just thinking I'd show off. Moby Games is like the IMDB of videogames. As I get into the credits of videogames I should get more entries.

March 15th 2006
More art is online at Oh and Angelfire has uglyified my web page. I'll try to make it pretty again soon but, it won't be pretty... I mean it will be pretty but the process will not be pretty. I'll have to redo a whole lot of HTML code. Bleck. Apologies.

January 19th 2006
Hey! check out the new Gallery Link. It has very little art on it right now but soon... Oh soon... Good news, I have a job at Microsoft testing a video game, I haven't started yet so I don't know how much I am allowed to say... Seriously though check our the Gallery Link You might be disappointed!

November 18th 2005
For those that do not read my blog I am working at Nintendo. Which is why I thought to update my webpage. I am working at Nintendo but as a contract employee and am employed by Mentor 4. I applied to work at and for Nintendo. They have a webpage link on the application website, which is probably intended for professional webpages not personal pages... Well, I got here and saw that there was nothing to be done about all the silly content. The link I submitted along with my resume is there and there is nothing to be done about it. My vauge obsession with monkeys is out of the proverbial basket... Is there actually a proverbial basket? Ok, this brings up the conundrum of weather to laude the awesomeness of Nintendo or not? I mean if I write about how doing what I am doing at work is the "super awesome bestness" and that Sara says I am "more dedicated" to this job than any I have had before well, that is obvious pandering... Mmmmm pandering... Oh for a hot cup of nepotism...

August 25th 2005
Still unemployed but I have some leads... Terrible terrible leads... I really hope the recruiters for Nintendo call me before I take one of the jobs I really don't want... Oh, according to online testing I am in the 90th percentile as far as skills with Microsoft Access goes, somehow this makes me die just a little inside. Which brings up this. I'll do DB work for you for relatively cheep, I'll do web design for more cheep, I'll make art for you for even cheeper, and music for the cheepest! I am a slut for work and am willing to seriously put out if you'll pay me any money to do things I even might enjoy. Do you need a play directed? I'm your man, if your man is willing to work for a pitance... Seriously man, if those Nintendo recruiters don't call I'll really start farming myself out...

August 22th 2005
Being unemployed means that I have tons of spare time to work on my website. I have therefore put bunches of pictures of monkeys all over the front page! I am going to try to convince my friend Mrs. B to let me use her scanner so I can get some artsie sorts of jobs. How much does Kinkos charge to use their scanner equiped computers? $.40 a min! If Mrs. B's scanner is on the stupid train that is how much it costs to use the computers at Kinkos, I know cause I printed out my resume there today...

August 19th 2005
I am updating and overhauling this website starting today, first off I am trying to get rid of dead links and add fresh ones plus point out some of the places I still exist online. My blog lives at Friendster you can be my friend there or at My Space. My last post was about a show years ago. that is kind of funny to me. I just moved to Seattle and just had my first show here at an event thrown by Puberty Press.

December 6th 2003
Holy cats! It has been almost a year since the news section was updated. I guess no news is good news. I have a new Demo CD that has gotten me a couple shows this month (If you would like a copy e-mail me with the subject line "i/m demo"). Both are at Second Story here in Bloomington the first is on friday the 12th. I am the first act and will start promptly at 10:15. It is a short set so, if you come late, I will be done. If you come at all you can see fashion. It is a fashion show. The next show is tentitive but is for New Years Eve. Also, chances are I will be directing a play soon. I swear I'll post something about it once I have more details.

December 18th 2002
I may not be working on music for a commercial for a local salon, the person who offered me the job in the first place is not getting back in contact with me. it is irritating but... I am still working on a comic book and my gears are turning. I have an idea for a Indiana or midwest based zine that is a comic book. It is all pipe dreams now but I am really excited about the prospect. The question is how many people would want to be involved? I am not really involved with the zine culture and have really only distributed my couple of comic books online or locally... If you want to be involved please send me an E-mail...

December 8th
I am working on music for a commercial for a local salon and am working on a comic book. I made a coloring book and it is being sold at the John Waldron arts center at the holiday arts sale. I am also working with Kyle McIntosh on putting together a Silver Apples tribute show and was passed over for a promotion at work. I was offered a "thanks for applying" promotion and took it... I got a E-mail from Klawlegna Markovia who I suspect is not a real person. It said please send me your news letter. Well, my subscribe to the I/M newsletter machine doesn't generate e-mails like that, plus she is suspiciously attractive and a business page comes up with her "homepage". I'm just feeling cynical tonight I guess. One really shouldn't really spurn a potential fan.

October 12th
I am working with Tom from Mr. Copy, a local full service copy center on getting their page up. It's basic design is going to be very similar to this page. If all goes well I might start seeking clients since web design is something I enjoy doing. I also have a full time job now working for the CSR and am not happy. I have decided I want to get a graphic art/design oriented job. I'm going to add a gallery page once I can get some artwork scanned or digitally photographed which will probably not be for a month or so. I'll post about it once it is up. Oh, I'm also doing music for Dangerous Liasons with Kyle McIntosh, that will be preformed at the Waldron early November. If you are in Bloomington come check it out. Times and dates should be in The Pin-up. You can pick up a copy at Soma coffee house... That's all for now.

September 16th
Gary from Focus on Comics sent me an form E-mail saying he liked the site and would I like to exchange links? Well, I checked out his site and, it is really neet. It boils down information from a lot of different sources (Like and, is nicely designed. Thinking about this now I really would like to recomend a few sites right now.

Focus on Comics

These are my favorite comic oriented sites right now. I'll probably update this some time but, right now these are the best I know of. Oh, this is totally unrelated but, I'm removing the I/M contest. It is really not getting any traffic and, if you want a link here you can just contact me. See how it is gone? I know how sad it makes you but please don't cry. It will be ok.

August 21st
Today I did a little house cleaning. Mainly removing some dead links and getting rid of some banners that were hosted by personal account with my old job. They were just bought by one of the higher ups there so it, I think that things might chill out there. I'll have internet service at my new place on the 24th so maybe there will be more frequent updates. More Later...

May 22nd
So, it's been awhile since I've updated this cause I got laid off and lost my DSL connection. I have used this time to finish my CD... (Vikings or Pirates)

May 6th
I had a great time entertaining Muncie this weekend. Thank you everyone that came out. I drank way too much and, my girl Sara was the one who got violently ill. She is ok now, I think it must have been something we both had cause I was feeling sick also on Sunday. A very big thank you goes to Caelum and Bergen who make things possable this weekend.

April 29th
Today I begin rehearsing for my role as Casio (sic) in Othello.

April 25th
I'll be playing a show in Muncie IN on Saturday May 4th. Please E-mail me for the address of the "secret location" if you want to go. In other "news" bored message "bored" user Steve asked "how bored are you" at the I/M Message Bored. I think this is a very valid question.

April 23rd
First off I have added a "Comics" section and, it is slowly filling up with comics and other art. Secondly "Vikings and Pirates" is almost done. I have been working on a video/music project for a 3 day art/music/preformace event called "Know Evil" and, haven't spent enough time on the EP so, it will May before it is ready, sorry to anyone who was excited about that. I also removed the "Sight Map" cause It wasn't really doing a whole lot of good and, moved old news into the "News Archive" below.

more news...

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